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Personality Reflection

Although there are many theories of personality, a brief definition would be that personality is an individual’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make him or her unique. Personality surrounds an individual attitudes, moods, motivations, opinions, and style of speaking, acting, thinking, and perceiving. Personalities begin from inside an individual at child birth and remain quite consistent throughout his or her life. As Albert Camus (1957) said, “We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die. ”

Personality traits are the distinctive set of qualities and characteristics that only an individual posse. Whereas many people may have alike personality traits, each individual combines these traits in an unlike way, to create one unique, exceptional person. I have a variety of features that defines me. I am loyal, truthful, sarcastic, a good listener, driven, and very competitive. My key features that defines me is I am a hard worker, very intelligent, but stubborn at times, caring, passionate, and forgiving. My personality traits are consistent as far as the person who I am, but some traits are stronger in given situations.

My key image about me that makes my personality is my facial features. I have been told many of times; by several people I have attractive eyes, nice skin complexion, and a beautiful smile. Those features give best insight into my appearance and distinguish me quite well. A personality test is a test of typical performance that tells what a person usually does. In January 2010, I took a personality test. The result of the analysis was just what I expected. I expected the personality test to measure how strong each of my personality traits are. The test revealed that my personality type was a reliable realist.

I am a serious and quiet person, and interested in security and a peaceful living. I am extremely through, responsible, and dependable. I have a well-developed power of concentration. I involve myself in sustaining and helping traditions and establishments, I am well-organized, and hardworking. I work steadily toward identified goals. I can usually accomplish any task once I have set my mind to it. A high-quality personality test should be reliable and valid. Personality is consistent when it measures consistently over time, which considers it to be reliable.

A test should always be this way. The concerns relating to principles of a personality test includes user qualification, safety measures of test content, privacy of test results, and the avoidance of the abuse of tests and results. There should not be fluctuations because of mood or vagueness in the questions. An individual should test and retest for the best way to measure reliability. Validity for a personality test would be the extent in which a test measures what its designed to measure. Validity measured through comparing the scores of the test with the scores of the task or trait.

The test should measure accurately with whatever trait looked on. Questions should accurately measure a person’s personality traits. When initially reading the questions he or she should be able to tell what the test is trying to accomplish. A particular set of results validity can be threaten by giving responses assumed to be generally acceptable, approving or differing with everything, and giving strange or unusual responses. A test has construct validity if it accurately measures a theoretical, non-observable construct or trait (Sartori, 2007).

The construct validity of a test works out over time on the basis of a gathering of evidence. Construct validity is establish in a number of ways. Two techniques of finding a test’s construct validity are convergent/divergent validation and factor analysis. If a test is unreliable, it cannot be valid. For a test to be valid, it must be reliable. However, just because a test is reliable does not mean it will be valid. Reliability is necessary but not sufficient condition for validity! Personality is significantly common to behavior because that is how a person sees an individual when he or she looks at him or her.

Personality is about a range of internal factors that persuade an individual to think or act in a particular ways. A person creates a largely impact of another person by his or her personality. Each person’s personality is different from each other person. An individual may observe the personality of the same person in different ways. References Camus, A. , (1957), Nobel Prize for literature. Famous quotes by famous people. Retrieved from http://thinkexist. com/quotation. Sartori, R. , (2007), Quality and Quality in Test Validity. How can we be sure that Psychological Tests measure what they have to: Quality & Quality.

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