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Physically challenging activities

People may be surprised to learn that I do volunteer work. I am part of a youth organization which provides counseling to for people with relationship problems. So, what’s surprising about that? A lot of people do volunteer work for different institutions. In fact, nothing is so striking about this declaration. It is just that for a male IT expert to go on the telephone and give advice to people with love problems, it is very unusual. Add to that the fact that my hobbies include extreme sports such as skydiving, skiing, and sailing.

My inclinations are physically challenging activities and network and computer troubleshooting. That is why whenever I tell people that I am a relationship counselor, the most common response is a hesitant look with the words “really. ” Anyway, in order to become a relationship counselor, I underwent three weeks of intensive training for would-be counselors. In those three weeks I was expected to imbibe the nature and the value of the work that I am going to do. The training was focused on building counseling skills.

It is most important for counselor to give sound advices to people with relationship problems. The fact that they are phoning counseling services means that they need someone who can help them with their problems in life. Therefore, the best way that an adviser can help the caller is to listen to him or her and to give her the best advice possible. To a person who is overwhelmed with problems in life, the best way for us counselors to help is to guide them to solving their problems. We do not give them the solutions but rather help them find the solution for their problems.

In addition to that, we counselors were trained to suspend judgment and to suspend our own biases. “A major area of the counselor’s self-knowledge is her personal cultural history and its influences on her present views of people and society” (Munro, Manthei, & Small, 1989). The only way that we will be able to help other people is when we see them in a neutral light—without blaming them for anything that ever happened to them. Furthermore, an applicant will learn not only the techniques to giving advices but also how to handle the emotional pressure of the job.

If you will notice, advisers will get calls from various people in a day. With an average of about four calls per day, most counselors are commonly overwhelmed by the emotional stress that they are getting from each caller. Sometimes, it even comes to a point wherein the advisers already get affected by the problems of their callers. So, in the three-week training, most would-be advisers are taught how to create an emotional barrier between them and their callers. So far, I am enjoying what I do as a volunteer for this organization’s cause.

I am sure that the advices I give will come a long way. I hope to see that someday other organizations will also set up something similar to this organization I am doing volunteer work for. I believe that for a person with many problems, a simple chat with someone sincere and sympathetic will make him or her feel a lot better. Who knows, we might be saving lives in our own simple ways. This voluntary work made me realize that I can still improve the different facets of my being.

By not confining myself to do only the things I need to do in order to live, I am growing holistically: mind, body, and soul. I can develop my intellectual capabilities further with my regular job as an IT expert. My hobbies thus develop my body. And being able to put myself in another person’s shoes and give advices develops my soul. We live to develop all of these three aspects of our lives and I am happy to be one holistic person because of this counseling service. Bibliography Munro, A. , Manthei, B. , & Small, J. (1989). Counselling: The Skills of Problem Solving. London: Routledge.

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