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Plumbing fixture

A certain famous actress once had a plumbing fixture named after her: The gold-plated ‘Farrah Faucet’. Farrah Fawcett was an American actress who became popular due to her television roles and being part of Charlie’s Angels TV series (See “Plumbing Anecdote”). Plumbing have long been so important to the lives of thousands of people long time ago and until now. Plumbing systems have two purposes: to supply clean water o buildings in quantity and under pressure, and to carry away waste water in such a way that neither the waste nor the gases produced by it become a health hazard.

A plumbing system includes not only pipes but also valves, fixtures, and, usually, a heater to supply hot water. The word plumbing comes from the Latin word plumbum, meaning “lead,” the material formerly used to make pipes. Modern pipes made of copper, galvanized iron or steel, cast iron, brass, or plastic (See “Plumbing”, Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia). Waters enter a plumbing system from a city water main or from a well. A service pipe carries the water from the source to the building. When the source is a water main, a water meter attached to the service pipe to measure the amount of water used.

A shutoff valve is also attached to the pipe to shut off the water supply to the building when necessary. From the service pipe, a series of branch pipes carry cold water to various point in the building. Part of the incoming water is normally passed through a water heater, and a second series of branch pipes carry the hot water to points of use (See “Plumbing”, Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia). Shutoff valves are placed at various points in the distribution system to permit the water to be turned off in one fixture or set of fixtures without affecting the flow of water to the other fixtures.

Plumbing has a positive impact towards us and the society because through this drinkable and safe water are being distributed in a certain infrastructure or in a house preventing also any diseases that dirty water may cause (See “Plumbing”, Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia). Another positive impact in plumbing is that the drainage system carries waste from the fixtures to a sewer system or septic tank. The drain on each fixture is fitted with a trap to prevent sewer gas from escaping through the fixture into the building.

The most common type of trap for a sink is the P trap, consisting of a length of pipe with a dip in it. The dip retains water, which prevents any gas from escaping. A bathtub drain sometimes has cylindrical trap, called a drum trap; water to form the seal is retained in the bottom of the drum. The traps are connected by pipes to a soil stack, which carries wastes downward toward the sewer. Each soil stacks extends upward toward the roof; the portion of a stack above the highest drain connected to that stack is called a vent.

The various vents join a main vent, which extends through the roof, becoming a stack vent. If the drainage system is large, there usually are several stack vents. Vents admit air to the drainage pipes; without this air, all of the waste water would be siphoned out of the fixtures, leaving none to fill the traps. The vents also allow sewer gas to escape as it builds up in the pipes, preventing the pressure from increasing to the point where it could break the water seal in the traps. The soil pipe carries waste water down to the building drain, which conveys waste out of the building to the building sewer.

The building sewer leads to the municipal sewage system or to a septic tank. The drain system contains at least on cleanout plug, permitting access to the inside of the pipes (See “Plumbing”, New Standard Encyclopedia). Lastly the importance of plumbing will never be understood by the poor people living in a dirty environment. And if you wish to put up a business, plumbing will be a very wise choice to invest from. As it keeps a place from wastes many people will resort of having it installed in their residences and buildings.

One can also put up a plumbing school where plumbers will be trained to be skilled and competent in the field. It is a good business to venture into and one can really profit with it (See “Plumbing”, New Standard Encyclopedia). Plumbing is very important and very necessary for every community. Without it, the plumbing system as well as the plumbers which serves as our little and small time heroes, we will never be protected against any waterborne diseases that might be present in our water system. And without it also, our waters will not be carried directly into our individual residences.

Plumbing plays a very vital role in our community, that some people should have even a little knowledge about it. Water supply and sanitation are the two main great concerns of plumbing and these two are not just an ordinary issue but an issue that every concerned individual should be considering about. References: 1. “Plumbing Anecdote”. Anecdotage. com. http://www. anecdotage. com/browse. php? term=Plumbing 2. “Plumbing”. New Standard Encyclopedia. Volume 10. Pages 455-457. 3. “Plumbing”. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Plumbing

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