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Poetry Excerpt Assignment

A narrative poetry employs a variety of literary devices such as: personification, rhyme and the use of objective verses to bring out a compact language. In essence a narrative poem details a past event or happening in a poetic manner (Kuntz 1993). Just like in a prose, a narrative poem puts emphasis on the plot, setting and character. It however differs from a novel in the sense that it is guided by additional poetic devices such as the use of alliteration, assonance and consonance that create a rhyme.

A dramatic poetry, on the other hand, employs the skills applied in plays. It infers its conclusions from what transpires in the characters’ dialogue (Baily 2007). One notable characteristic of a dramatic poetry is that it presents events and happenings as they would be done by a character in a play on stage. There are no additional comments by the author. It may precisely be described as, a poem that uses the various poetic devices to describe a verse meant for live performance (Kuntz 1993).

A lyric poetry, in contrast to a narrative or dramatic poetry, portrays feelings and thoughts of the persona, rather than tell a story (Rhys 2008). A lyric could also take the form of a song that could be performed before a live audience. It is commonly dependent on a regular meter that relies on the number of syllables (Hosek 1985). Each meter may have a number of elements referred to as feet(Rhys 2008). Based on these explanations, Catullus’ poem can therefore be classified as a lyric poem since it expresses the persona’s love to her lover.

Robert Frost’s poem is a narrative poetry, since it details on a past event, while the Orestia Trilogy is dramatic poem since it lends a dramatic touch to the acts performed by Clytemnestra and the character expresses her feelings in words as he would before an audience. Reference 1. Hosek Chaviva and Patricia A. Parker. Lyric poetry: Beyond New Criticism. California: Cornell University Press, 1985. 2. Kuntz Mary. Narrative Setting and Dramatic Poetry. London: Drill, 1993. 3. Lewis Clive Staples. Narrative poems. Harcourt: Harcourt Trade Publishers, 2002. 4. Rhys Ernest. Lyric Poetry: Ohio: Read books.

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