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Polarization in Global cities

Globalization is within us and all of us cannot escape it regardless of the situation we are in. It’s through globalization that cities have been marginalized and its economic importance has been distorted absolutely. Globalization concept is very important and is crucial in the determination of the various relations and economic developments in the regions. It is this concept of globalization that has resulted in the end of the importance of the cities. Globalization combined with the new information technologies has disabled the operations and economic functions of cities.

There has been flow of the operations due to these concepts to the marginalized regions. The decline in the economic functions of the cities has been experienced in most cities. There has been the utilization of the concept of “offshoring” of factories which has enhanced the globalization especially with the marginalized regions. This has been geared towards reduction of the polarization of the cities so as to increase the appreciation of the concept of globalization.

The concept of worldwide networks has been utilized in the reduction of the polarization of the cities and increasing the concept of globalization with the marginalized places. There is the relocation of back office to the suburbs which has enhanced the concept of globalization. These have ensured that the concept of globalization is experienced in all the places and that the importance is realized when the polarization has been experienced in the cities.

The effects of the polarization of the cities has resulted in the move of having its economic functions trickles down/out of the cities to the marginalized places hence there is promotion of the globalization. There is the establishment of the global cities through the polarization of the cities. This is very important in the promotion of the concept of globalization since the economic functions also are distributed to the marginalized centers. The managerial part is specifically left to be handled from the regional centers so as to increase the operations and make them more specialized in their actual operations.

The global city has been established as the normal market in the world which has promoted the privatization and the deregulations of most operations hence incorporating the marginalized centers in a move which creates globalization. Digitalization also is a very important concept which has enhanced the globalization as a result of the polarization of the cities. This has been established where the well established infrastructure is to be shared with all other regions.

The marginalized and the developing centers need to access the infrastructure so as to also tap the expected production. Through this means, polarization of the cities will reduce and the concept of globalization is promoted. The global cities also acts the command centers where all other marginalized centers and the government gets their actual market and other financial instruments. They are the control and coordination centers for the operations in other centers irrespective of the location and its nature of business but promoting globalization.

Having the operations in the cities and the marginalized regions enhances the sub-national components which reduces the concept of the sole economy operations so as to great a situation where the globalization is developed. Globalization is very important as it has ensured that the economy is decentralized to the marginalized regions so as to ensure that the communication abilities and the multinationals strength is enhanced besides the developments of concrete infrastructure (Sassen, 1991). References Sassen, S. (1991). The global City. New Jersey: Princeton University Press

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