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Policing Theory

Police officers play a very important role within the boundaries of our nation by maintaining peace and order. The purpose of police also includes investigation of criminal activities and arresting the criminals. The services of police officers are needed in response to emergencies that subject the public to health hazards. Provision of services by police officers requires adequate training, observation of laws, policies and technology.

In the modern world of technological advancement, certain reforms need to be done for better future in policing career (Fish Stanley, 1989). The laws governing territorial matters should be approved such that the scope of operation by police officers covers wide area. Laws that are considered when admitting police officers into training colleges have changed to improve area of service provision. Considering future needs of policing profession and the need for improved police services, it becomes a basic tool to promote law reforms in policing.

Another major area of reforms for better future in policing is observation of better policies such as identification on whether the police are effective and efficient when controlling crime. Reforms are being done in the context of strategies, discipline, management, organization and accountability. This is done through formation of movements to restructure policing profession in a democratic society. Technology is of essence in policing, as the officers are involved in various activities that relate to human life.

The equipments and tools used by cops should correspond with the current technology. This measure helps to provide services in a quick way to serve the public appropriately. The nature of crimes has taken a new shape that involves the use of high technology and for police to control criminality they have to take advantage of technological advancement. References Fish Stanley, 1989, Change, Rhetoric, and the practice of Theory in Literary and legal studies, Duke University place.

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