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Policy Analysis Process

Everglades in Florida is one of the largest sub tropical wetlands in the world and the largest in US. But due to environmental degradation, the wetland has remained almost half of its original size (Environmental Literacy Council, 2008). Human activities are the ones that can be attributed to the threats of Everglades. Humans encroached Everglades and undertook a lot of drainage activities which saw the water flow of the wetland affected as more water was being diverted. Many agricultural activities and urbanization activities sprout up along the wetland accelerating the effects.

Exotic plants like melaleuca trees contributed to the shrinking of the wetland as they dwindled a lot of water in the region. Because of the continued threats to the wetland, a lot of effort was started to see ways of controlling and averting the destructions that had already taken a better part of the wetland. Different measures were set up to see that the wetland is protected. For instance, there was the Everglades Act that was passed by the congress to see that the wetland has been protected. The Army Corps of Engineers has been mandated for along time to protect the Everglades and restore its previous status.

The main issue has been to restore the water table that was once at the everglades and avert the environmental problems already the area is experiencing. However, this program has again caused other environmental concerns in the region (Environment & Climate News staff, 2002). There are reports indicating the formation of jet-black seawater that resembles oil which seems to be affecting the fish in the water body. In a research carried out by the University of the Rhode Island, it indicated that this mass of black water is as a result of increased runoff into the ocean waters.

As there is a lot of runoff in Everglades, there is formation of algae to the offshore which is the main cause of the problem. The runoff has basically caused the clear water to disappear and as a result, no fish for the fishermen. Those who do not live near the Everglades and supports its restoration feel that this move is right as the chocking of the fish by the black water is just a natural phenomenon which has to be left to take place. The environmentalists also feel that this kind of water would protect the many tarpons that were being constantly caught by the fishermen unnecessarily.

On the other hand, the residents who depend on Everglades feel that by letting the runoff to continue getting into the water bodies of Everglades will kill the coral, which is a lifeline for many residents; hence it means most of them would loose their livelihood. Apart from endangering the corals, the sea grass has also been found to be in danger of dwindling due to the runoff. The sea grass is found to be a habitat of many creatures that are found in the water bodies, for instance shellfish.

Therefore, if this sea grass is killed, it definitely means all its inhabitants would also die (Environment & Climate News staff, 2002). It is thus a very conflicting problem that is facing the everglades since one policy seems to be causing another problem yet the wetland has to be saved. Therefore, whether the runoff is causing the problems that are making the residents get concerned or not, there has to be a sound policy that is going to ensure that the problem of Everglades is completely solved and the wetland saved. Reference: Environment & Climate News staff (2002).

Everglades ‘Restoration’ Causing Major Environmental Problems. Retrieved on 12th February 2009 from http://www. heartland. org/policybot/results/10306/Everglades_restoration_causing_major_environmental_problems. html. This source has been useful in giving a lot of information on the conflicting activities taking place in Everglades. Environmental Literacy Council (2008). Everglades. Retrieved on 12th February 2009 from http://www. enviroliteracy. org/article. php/193. php. This was an important source in giving the general overview of Everglades.

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