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Politica Final

Terrorism has grown into a terrible monster which intimidates and ravages our world today. The necessity presses that we as a country and a world join hands to combat terrorism. In unity, there is strength. Multilateral cooperation is the only way to fight against terrorist for it is not one terrorist body but several with international networks and ties spanning the globe. Global terrorism affects America today but it could be anyone tomorrow. Since the 9/11 attacks, al-Qaeda members have gone further underground to plan and perpetrate more anti-America attacks. Capturing terrorists involves the international community.

The communication of information to fight against terrorists is invaluable in securing their convictions and ensuring the prevention of another attack. American has put into force the US Patriot Act [Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act] (2001) which probes into national and international media and correspondence to advance the safety of citizens (US Patriot Act). Also the US government has agreed to tighten security at all national and international ports where all cargo and persons will be scanned and searched for any suspicious, criminal activity. 8.

Globalization International law is a discipline which improves diplomacy and promotes understanding among nation-states. Embedded in international law is international relations which involves mediation among nations. Collaborative politics is necessary in this era of globalization as interdependence and communication among world entities prove to foster development. Applied international law coupled with international relations is a sure means of facilitating wider impact. Globalization also liberalizes the market, erodes boundaries, and diversifies competition. It also invited international organized crime such as human trafficking.

Human trafficking has caused millions of lives to suffer. Mercenaries of the human trafficking trade entice slaves from developing countries to work or study abroad and capture them. The practice of human trafficking converts a man to commodity and precious souls to merchandise. Slavers ensure that the captives are stripped of their identities, export them to unfamiliar environments, and subject them to duress. The enforcing of international law is needed to put a check on human trafficking since these illegal traders use international ports and media to transfer their ‘cargo.

’ Globalization has enabled the business human trafficking because there is such a demand for cheap labor in developed countries. Human trafficking is most popular in the sex tourism industry in prostitution and pornography. The slaves are made to prostitute themselves for almost nothing. As a result, the spread of sexual transmitted diseases gain ground. The drug trade also benefits from globalization since the doors are open for freer access and more efficient transport of drugs across national and international lines.

The internet has also provided a shield where international clandestine activity thrives and is rendered borderless. 9. The Israel-Palestine Conflict In the Israeli-Palestine conflict human rights abuses abound. The codes governing fair war are contravened on both sides since innocent civilians are made the targets of attacks. The military aims at crowded marketplaces, schools, synagogues/mosques, restaurants, and homes where people are more susceptible and least suspecting of violence. In doing fair combat, warfare involving trained military men versus unskilled civilians is not just.

Human bombers with the fell purpose of eliminating civilians have turned the Israel-Palestine conflict into gross human rights abuse. Another element of the Israel-Palestine conflict that deserves attention is the application of inhuman torture. Both sides have captured hostages and have subjugated their war prisoners to inhumanities. In one case, the Israeli military has been charged with the illegal detention and torturing of Palestinian children and likewise footage has been discovered with Palestinians mutilating Israelis (Defense of Children International).

Within the framework of the Israel-Palestine conflict, human rights abuses are caused by government’s decision to execute reprisal killings (which is most often the case). People are reduced to dispensable objects in order to make a political point. The perennial nature of the war, the purpose of each side to conquer the Gaza Strip, and the proliferation of revolutionary, paramilitary groups have protracted the war and opened the door to human rights abuses.

In order to address these challenges the global community can impose sanctions on both groups so that trading partners can withhold resources which contribute to fuelling the war or further peace talks can be encouraged for reconciliation and solution. 10. Hot, Flat and Crowded The book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How it can renew America, speaks on global warming, globalization, world population, the rise of China, and energy preservation. The author, Thomas Friedman discusses the causes of global warming and how it endangers polar creatures and affects human life.

The disintegration of the ozone layer, industrial exhaust, and environmental pollution all contribute to global warming. Globalization is the phenomenon where economy, politics, and life become more internationalized. Boundaries and demarcations are increasingly open to an influx and efflux of immigration, business, educational opportunities etc. China as a superpower and the most populous country in the world (more than a quarter of the world’s population resides in China), has a crucial role in effecting change.

Boasting a rich market and lucrative industry, Friedman calls on China to make changes in response the world’s environmental issues. Sustainable development is the technique of ensuring growth and protection of resources while they are being utilized. According to Friedman, resources ought to be protected, renewed, and restored in order to achieve sustainability (Friedman 52). Like an account, one must continually redeposit and replace funds after having made a withdrawal or else bankruptcy is sure to occur.

Resources are in danger of facing depletion and especially in our globalized economy with competition for limited resources such as food, jobs, and housing and a high level of consumption and consumerism; one has to strive to replace raw material. Friedman compared a non-sustainable relationship to a situational business relationship where only immediate needs matter, there is a tendency to focus on capitalistic profit (Friedman 58). In this scenario exploitation, energy wastage, and unscrupulous consumption are accomplished with devastating results to the environment and by extension, the economy. 12.

Failed States and Civil War Failed states are characterized by the lack of a centralized government, a quasi-nomadic citizenry, warring factions, and major and /or frequent civil wars. Civil war breaks out when embattled revolutionary armies compete for power and deep rooted ethno-religious rifts deepen. Most often the army connects itself with an autocrat who seizes rule. The result is counterrevolutionary groups arising to overthrow the dominant power and to take charge themselves. Financial resources are spent on weapons trade, human resources are expended on the battle field, and human industry is abandoned.

The proliferation of these civil wars generates human rights abuses where groups or a dictatorial one-man regime attempts to suppress and control the majority. Rights to express oneself, vote, worship, and work are jeopardized. The top seven failed states in the world are Somalia, Chad, Sudan, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Afghanistan (Fund for Peace). In all the aforementioned countries there is a lack of proper and responsible governance. Consequentially, funds are mismanaged, public assistance institutions fail, national productivity declines, while unemployment and crime soar.

In order to rectify these troubling situations the UN has deployed peace keeping troops and police while encouraging free and fair elections in order to establish a stable government. 15. Human Trafficking Human trafficking is the modernized version of slavery. Traffickers have taken advantage of international trade mechanisms, using them to promote the transport and transfer of human cargo (Amnesty USA). Global trafficking is a challenge in world politics because both poor and rich countries are sometimes consensual in this whole affair.

Young children and women are the prime victims of human trafficking because they represent poverty, vulnerability, weakness, and innocence, making them easy prey. Women and children are more likely to be exploited, deceived, and overpowered; therefore they must be the priority in order of protection (Women and Girls). The sex and drug trade, which are closely interrelated, seduce and patronize their victims with empty promises, drug them in order to impair memory and facilitate manipulation.

Slavers ensure that identification and official documents are confiscated so that they can cover their tracks and weaken any rebellion in the victims. The slaves are rendered illegal immigrants and must depend on their captors for subsistence. Exploitation, abuse, and violence ultimately result as the human spirit strives to be free and where there is an opposing force to subdue and control. In order to stop this trade, national and international navies can be made more aware of human trafficking which take place right under their noses in the open seas.

Intercepting suspicious ships can put a check to human trafficking and liberate victims who would have ended up having miserable lives. References: Amnesty USA: Human Trafficking <http://www. amnestyusa. org/violence-against-women/end-human-trafficking/page. do? id=1108428>. Retrieved 05/13/2010 Defense of Children International. Israeli Military continues to torture Palestinian children <http://www. dci-pal. org/english/display. cfm? DocId=798&CategoryId=1>. Retrieved 05/13/2010 Friedman, Thomas. Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How it can

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