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Political and social conditions currently shaping American policing

The nature of American policing has been evolving over the years from just an organization created to enhance peace and order to more advanced roles inculcated into their responsibility docket. The reason behind this is the constant world changes and developments which have called for a more advanced and inclusive policing. Population changes, change in protocols and regulations, advancement in technology, social and political changes have played significant roles in the evolution of policing in America. Demographic changes are the major conditions affecting policing in America.

There has been constant change in population diversity with people from different nationalities moving into America. This has been characterized by increasing changes in racial, ethnic and social diversity in America thus the need to change of policing priorities to cater for the diversified population (Jordan and Pile, 2002). Due to these changes, there is bound to be increase in criminal cases and the police have to come up with new techniques to ensure that the law is preserved. Increase in crimes. Offenders have become sophisticated and tactical in their activities so as to avoid arrest.

This can be evidenced by the high numbers of pending to be cleared because of lack of evidence (Stevens, 2008). The need for the public to protect themselves has given rise to community policing idea. The current involvement of the community in combating crime has improved the efficiency in American policing since the members of the community are better placed to identify wrongdoers in their communities. Organizations like religious institutions can also take part in victim behavior corrections. Such kind of relations was rare in the past.

Human right activists have also highly influenced policing leading to new laws in the police force. For example, in the past the police used physical force to the necessary extent to maintain law and order. In the present times, police conduct is highly restrained and violent actions during an arrest could lead to prosecution of the officer involved. Technological changes cannot be ignored. Though technology falls more on scientific side than on the social side, it is one of the greatest factors affecting policing. Technology is fast advancing in the world and the police department cannot be left behind.

The world has seen developments in the information technology sector. Criminals have taken to using technology in their evil endevours. An example is cyber terrorism where perpetrators are hard to catch. The American policing has been influenced by technology leading to introduction of technology such as crime mapping, automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) and COPLINK which is a web-based format aimed at enhancing communication across the country through computers. The political world is changing everyday giving rise to new responsibilities and changes in policing (Wright, 2001).

Political conditions are mostly caused by changes in policies by the existing leaders and other major players in politics such as American Civil Liberties Union (Stevens, 2008). Each government may come with its own rules which might change during the next term. For example, it was a big blow in the police effort to combat crime when the George Bush administration sought to cut the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistant Grant Fund which funds local agencies. Another example can be in the case of tax increases by the government leading to increase in resources available for policing.

Changes in the world politics especially leading to terrorism threats have affected American policing. This means they have to be equipped with anti-terrorism techniques. This has been done through establishing training programs in the police force and acquiring equipments to combat terrorism. Word count (595) References Jordan, P. , Pile, S. (2002). Social Change. Singapore: Blackwell Publishing. Stevens, D. J. (2008). An Introduction to American Policing. Massachusetts, United States: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Wright, A. (2001). Policing: An Introduction to Concepts and Practice. Uffculme, UK: Willan Publishing

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