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Political Campaign Ads: An Important Tool for Change in the American Political Environment

Political campaign advertising is a very important tool used by American Politicians to gain power in office. It was evidenced by a campaign ad with title Essence (Carter, 1976). It was formulated with great advantage for then Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter whose brilliant campaign echoed, “I will never tell a lie to the American people”. He ran for the presidency against the incumbent President Ford who unconditionally pardoned then President Nixon. This move proved to hurt President Ford’s political standing.

Carter capitalized on what the majority of the American people thought of in the government run under President Ford. What people can remember is the distrust in President Nixon’s governance in the year 1974 rocked by scandals and lies as Ford inherited when President Nixon resigned from office. President Carter’s ads portrayed him as honest, hardworking, untainted by Washington politics, and almost mythically connected to America’s agricultural past–a non-lawyer who knew the value of manual labor.

Political campaign advertising is also a very important tool by someone who seeks a political position. One can effectively address issues pertaining to economy, social and cultural changes. This was clearly pictured in the campaign for presidency with title 1992 Clinton vs. Bush vs. Perot. Consistency in style and message of Clinton’s ads portraying his solid economic agenda to address current issues had made a great impact to Clinton’s winning the presidential seat.

It attempted to show that his detailed economic plan was solid, many of them used statements of facts and figures. Bush and Perot on the other hand, had their ads short-sighted. Some of their ads on one way attacked the other candidate’s reputation as suggested by Bush campaign ads against Clinton speaking of his being untrustworthy and hypocritical. Ross Perot’s campaign ads, constantly asserted that the economy was headed in the wrong direction. References The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2008. <http://www. livingroomcandidate. org/commercials>.

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