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Political Culture

Political culture relates to the political tendency of a society. In actual fact it has been widely accepted that political culture has a lot of relation to attitudes of every member of a community towards politics of their ruling system. This definition is very relevant because in political science, culture has a lot to do with the beliefs or attitude and the values of a particular political system. The culture that is taken and accepted by a given society becomes its ideal culture.

However, not all of the existing political cultures in the world societies are the political cultures of their choice. On the other hand, political socialization refers to the process by which people acquire political attitudes and values and secondly, the process of induction into the political system. From another perspective political socialization can be taken as the process by which interactions occurs within a political system. This occurs through the formation on political symbols, institutions and internalizing the value system and supporting it.

Through cultural transmission, the socialization process works out at the community level (Imai, 2006). Inculcation of general values and norms in political matters and the induction of individual into a particular party are the two most important components of political socialization. Political culture and political socialization are two important components of any political system and they must not be underrated. Firstly, political socialization is the key factor that one uses to acquire his or her political status in the community.

Every individual or community relies on this factor. While political culture gives a green light of the feelings and attitudes of the individuals in the community, political socialization brings about cohesion within a society. In every community, there must be a way in both which views and information communicate in a more profound manner. This is where interest articulation gives a definition. Interest articulation is the way through which views, needs and interests of members of a community channel through their system of government.

We have different types of interest groups among governments. One is the association group that is to represent issues of a particular group. Anomic group responds to a particular frustration while institutional group to respond towards a particular interest notwithstanding, no associational groups whose activities is independent upon the issue at hand Forms of interest articulation of citizens and of the government range from; voting in an election were citizens having a right to vote in a peaceful election without any pressure or undue influence.

This gives every member the freedom to get involved or participate in his community through direct contact. In such a case people under no pressure to get involved directly or indirectly in community’s development goals. This helps citizens to air their views in a more profound manner without fear or intimidation. Mass media is also another important way which gives transparency in the government’s endeavors. Notwithstanding the power of lobbying through the political parties and promises of support from other social groups, political institutions are answerable to citizens and the community at large (Imai, 2006).

Violence, intimidation and riots are protests that the government consider illegal and against the law and statutes of the land. Coercive refers to the tendency of having great power, force or effect, articulated in different ways in different political systems. By understanding these two aspects, one can unravel the political system which exists within a country. References Imai, K. (2006). Culture, Civilization, or Economy? Test of Clash of Civilizations International Journal on world Peace, Vol. 23 p. 12-16

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