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Political Economy in Security Studies after the Cold War

This article discusses the three different issues that are associated with political economy and are necessary to understand national security. Firstly it discusses the ‘classical’ issues, which are issues that have traditionally been linked and recognized with political economy and security studies. These include political economy of power (e. g. military power), economic causes of war, and budget constraint in executing the national strategy, which is affected by two things – the causes of economic growth and the efficient allocation of resources (Kirshner 68).

The writer then talks about ‘modern’ issues – issues that arose as a consequence to globalization (Kirshner 65). After the cold war smaller and smaller states are coming up which has lead to these new ‘modern’ issues. The first is coercion and punishment – instead of waging a war, countries are now prefering economic sanctions that signal enemys and friends alike what you want. The second ‘modern’ issue is of influence and dependence. Both of these occur because of the asymmetic relationship between countries (Kirshner 71).

Finally, the writer talks about new classical issues, which basically emphasizes on the role of economic growth in sustaining national security. This includes the economics of defense, in which the writer talks about how high military burden causes economic distress. The writer then talks about the social factors that necessry for national security as social structural weakness can cause domestic conflict which affects the current and future powers of the state (Kirshner 78).

In the end the writer concludes that as these issues develop China’s growth and Eastern Europe’s economic stagnation will be potentially destabilizing. As far as the United States goes, it faces some serious threats to its economic sustainability due to internal social issues (Kirshner 81). Works Cited Kirshner, Jonathan. “Political Economy in Security Studies after the Cold War. ” Review of International Political Economy Vol. 5, No. 1 (Spring 1998): 64-91. Taylor & Francis, Ltd. JSTOR. 18 May 2009 <http://www. jstor. org/stable/4177257>.

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