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Political Movie

Politics is one of the most dominant aspects of United States. Recently, there is a major circumstance in the United State’s political field. The recently concluded 2008 Presidential Elections round up in favor of Senator Barack Obama who made history for being the first African American who won as the president of the United States. It is undeniable that the political arena of the United States is so colorful and so unpredictable.

The film industry is able to record and capture the political history of the United States by producing films that recounted the events of the different events in the political timeline. One of the captivating films that are about an event in the political history of the United States was Iron Jawed Angels. Iron Jawed Angels is a film that captured the contemporary audience in recounting one of the important events in the United States which is the struggle of women in attaining suffrage. The film revolved on the event wherein the suffragists struggle in fighting for the passage of the 19th Amendment.

The film focused on two defiant women who are activist that broke from the mainstream women’s right movement and press for a more political protest which is securing the women’s right to vote in 1920 (Home Box Office). The two women who were the main characters of the story is Alice Paul (Hilary Swank) and Lucy Burns (Frances O’Connor) who represented women as strong-willed characters and defy the inferiority that is the stereotypical role of women in the conventional society. The women are united because of their fierce devotion on women’s suffrage.

The movie also showed the sacrifices made by women in attaining their objectives and goals. Alice Paul gives up a chance for love and a colleague gives up her life for the movement (Home Box Office). One of the main highlights of the movie is when the two protagonists are put in jail and they engage in a hunger strike. They made the headlines of the paper. They also resisted in force feeding for the government fear that they will acquire ailments because of their hunger strike. The act earned them the title of being “Iron Jawed Angels” (Home Box Office).

The women in the movie showed strong characters that know what they want and are determined to attain it. Their sacrifices and efforts are paid of as in the conclusion of the story they obtain their goals. It is their will and perseverance that is made of iron and their courage inspires the whole nation and changes the United States legislation forever. The movie is a significant reminder of the women’s sacrifices in attaining their suffrage. It is one of the important political events in history for the conventional United States is ruled by chauvinism and established the male species as dominant and superior.

The women are not given equal rights and opportunities despite their adequate potentials and skills that the society may benefit from. The movie is a good addition in the collection of films that depict the political history of United States. The movie will constantly reminded the women of their capabilities, attitudes, potentials, courage and other positive attributes that can move mountains and initiate change to the society. Work Cited Home Box Office. “Synopsis”. 2008. 12 December 2008 <http://www. hbo. com/films/ironjawedangels/synopsis/>.

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