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Political Power and Stability

For a political party or movement to succeed, it must work within a framework that allows for an effective achievement of the end result. In short, there is no value to pursuing goals in a manner that will not yield any direct results. That is why there is a need for a stable political landscape. Without a semblance of stability political power is fleeting and marginal. That is why the need to a stable structure is a must prior to the attempt to enact any serious political power.

An unstable political structure is prone to anarchy. And no, this is not the definition of anarchy in the quasi-Marxist sense. In this scenario, anarchy is defined as outright disorganization. Without an effective and stable structure in place, it would fairly difficult for any serious political movement to gain traction. There are many factors that must come together in order for a political movement to succeed. When there is a lack of organization or stability, it is next to impossible for any serious traction to be gained.

The logistics just would not be there. A successful political movement will require making people aware of its existence. While this may seem like an academic point, it is a vital one as well. In order to amass the required following for the movement to be successful, it is critical that the public be made aware of what the move is, what it represents, and how it intends to achieve its goal. Such effectiveness cannot occur unless there is a viable and legitimate political structure in place.

Dissemination of ideology and beliefs cannot work effectively when instability is added to the mix. Again, the lack of logistical coherence would make such dissemination impossible. While there may be the odd, errant sense of romanticism found in an allegiance to a fringe movement in an unstable process, the effectiveness of achieving political power which such an engine is practically non-existent. The world is filled with minor political parties that can exhibit little or no power. What true value to they possess?

It would seem that they have very little to show for their work. As such, it is best to look towards exercising political power in a much more stable and coherent manner. This means you need a well established political apparatus to work with. Some may cringe at such a notion due to their annoyance with the current political landscape. This is understandable. However, it is worthless to explore the exercise of political power in a manner that will yield little or no result. Such a process is commonly described in the colloquial as a “non-starter.

” Stable environments are needed for successful deliver of political power. This is a truism that really cannot be deviated from is success is the sought after goal. So, what can one do when they see that their current environment lacks the connection to a stable apparatus? There is really no specific answer to such a question. If there was a standardized approach to exercising and maintaining political power, no one would ever lose it. Of course, political environments are consistently in flux.

That means standardization for executing political power is virtually impossible. But, there are effective steps one can take to at least set the process of gaining political power into motion. Those that understand the simple, basic common sense approach to gaining, achieving, and exercising political power are more likely to achieve their goals. Within this framework is the potential to truly utilize the potential that political power can yield. And yes, in a stable environment, the amount of political power one can yield has the potential to be significant.

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