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Political Power

Political power is a power of a person or a group of people to get an authority to govern or provide administration to and have influence over resources, wealth and people. It can be acquired to several ways which are difficult and strategic (Paul, 2007). It can come from a single person when that person has been voted as an official that he gained power and can get himself even powerful being on the position. Another type of political power would be that coming from a group of people who have formed a coalition or an alliance.

In that way, they’ve become powerful and influential because they are huge and have more resources. Power can be used in a local government by influencing the people around it regarding their allocation, the business establishment who could build, transact and market in a locality and many more. Having a political power can be abusive that it can start corruption and rule-breaking activities. It should be kept in consideration the proper use of political power which is for the betterment.

Having a political power can make me influence a policy-making body and I can have the power to control which can be favored and which can be biased against to depending on which I deemed to be fruitful for my locality. I can do that if I think it is necessary to meddle with a policy development like when I find it destructive for small and local business and the residents. Reference: Paul, R. (2007). Political Power and the Rule of Law. Retrieved 12 May 2009 from http://www. lewrockwell. com/paul/paul366. html.

Demographics affects policy consideration in a way that it can be difficult for a policy to apply generally in a certain area wherein there is a wide variation of people and their background (Kintner, et al. 1997). Like in a school with a diverse population, it can become difficult to apply a policy to all because of the diversity. It could usually lead to exceptions in the rule or the population, however diverse it can be, will adjust to that policy even when they disagree to it. Policies in local school district do not really allow equal access for students to quality education because the students come from different types of families.

Maybe I could make a policy that will allow all candidates have equal chances to go to school of their choice and get quality education regardless of their status. But, I will reinforce a policy which will review performance of candidates to their previous schools just to make sure that schools which get government funding will cater to students who will not waste funds. Reference: Kintner, H. T. Merrick, P. Morrison, P. Voss. (1997). Demographics: A Casebook for Business and Government. USA: Rand Corporation.

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