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Possessions are determinants of success.

I was raised in a community where households of single parents are no more than ordinary. The community where I belong makes it sure that everyday is a feast day: almost twenty four-hour ear-splitting music, teenagers drinking alcohol and smoking with their elders and where material possessions are determinants of success. Malls, resorts and bars accommodate more people during Sundays than the church. As for my family, morality is of great concern. Moral uprightness for my parents is what makes someone a human made as a moral being.

Respect for parents and other people, regardless of age, status, relation, race and gender is the most important value I have tried to live up. Although human beings were made and born with equal rights, elders and those in authority deserve our high regard. I believe that moral standards and ethical values would vary depending on the culture of a certain community, especially when a culture is influenced by religion. With this, I believe that ethical standards vary on cultures and religion. That is, a certain practice or value maybe ethical for some while unethical for others.

Let me put it this way: polygamy is ethical for certain cultures as that of the Muslim community and the Church of Mormon while the Christian community regard it as immoral and unethical. In this case, ethical values are relative. My ethical training was that plural marriages are immoral but I was also trained by my parents to respect the beliefs and ideas of others. I was trained to be keen and observant on things around me as I may learn valuable lessons of life from them but I was also raised up with to respect the privacy of others.

My parents had set and continue to set good example of establishing good relationship with our neighbors and the people we get along with but we also respect those who prefer to live their lives with few and chosen friends. We were raised to be strong in facing the challenges of life but to accept a challenge from a school bully is something that I was strictly prohibited. Obedience to authorities and respect for other’s house rules are also ethical values that I have learned from my parents.

At home, rules are set for us especially that relate to treating visitors, table manners, answering phone calls, and even in handling our personal things. When visitors are my parents’ colleagues and friends, we are trained to greet them but we are compelled to leave the living room when they arrive. As house rules, everybody should be at the table during meal time especially dinner time as ethical consideration for God’s providence in terms of food. As I believe every house and office do, phone courtesy is required.

No invading of other’s room and personal belongings unless you are granted permission. Because I was raised in this kind of environment, it is what I believe as ethical. My family is not conservative as what it seems. We too attend parties and my parents occasionally smoke and drink. My parents are the most important personalities behind my ethical training. Next to God, my parents are of the high authority. Because I believe that parents wanted the best for their children, I put my reverence to my parents’ decisions and advice.

Aside from them, school and church authorities as well as the government leaders belong to my list up to the point of legal and church affairs. Everyone came into certain situations where ethical decisions have to be made. In situations like these, I make sure I asked God about it prayers and then my parents. Such ethical decisions are always consulted and deliberated with my parents. Although they do not decide for me, their opinions are always of high priority for me among other advices from friends and other relatives.

I always base my decisions on what I saw and experienced in the family as I know that more than anybody else, it is God and my parents who know my limitations and my strengths. I have been too curious in the recent years when I started understanding what abortion, polygamy, same sex marriages and annulment are. I am always asking why the world does not conform and set the same ethical standards as with the other countries. Maybe these things can be thoroughly explained to me in school where things like these are formally explored.

I would like to learn what side of these ethical issues is considered ethical and unethical, moral and immoral. I would like to formally learn the steps to be taken into consideration in making ethical decisions aside from listening to my parents, if there is any. I also would like to learn if there is anyway to distinguish ethical from unethical values while disregarding culture and religion. Finally, I would like to know whether there is any way to prove that ethical values are not relative.

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