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Poverty among the Aged

There are several significant factors which influence the experience of aging: gender, race, and social status. The experience of aging can be defined in terms of coming to ages 65 and above. First, the notion on gender is critical in terms of aging: It is believed that males have a shorter life span as compared to females. This is critical in the sense that, although most government services tend to slant to the benefit of the males, the females still have a prolonged life span.

The conflict is also attributed to the grounding that the females have more work, considering the household chores that they make as compared to the males. Following so, we may connect this view to the status of the aged in the society. We believe that while males are more favored in the society, as ascribed in many laws and policies that we abide by, females become degraded or marginalized. The effect is that the social status of women is lower than that of the men.

Likewise, the social status of an aging woman is seen as more irrelevant than the social status of a man. I think that these viewpoints could be observed in day-to-day ordinary experiences. Most of the time, the males earn more income than the females, even if they have acquired the same educational levels. Race also happens to be a distinct abrasion as to how people see others. If one is colored, he certainly could be subjected to racial discrimination by the non-colored.

This is also true in the experience of the aging ones. If the non-colored aged is treated with less respect even by his family members, how much more will the colored ones be treated by the people in his community? Majority of the population in U. S. are whites; therefore, they have more opportunities and power to make things happen. However, in the future, this may change due to the growth of ethnically diverse population. We all hope and work so hard to have a comfortable economic situation in the future.

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