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Power on Earth

Henry IV believes that, the Papal office is mistaking their humility to make attacks on the imperial authority which is deemed to have come from God. They even threatened to take away the empire and kingdom as if it were on their own hands and not that of God. From his explanation he states that, the papal office has gained wealth which it uses to obtain favor. This favor gained by the papal seat brings about the power of the sword which is finally used to expel peace (Andrea, 315). This explains the exclusive power that the papal seat gains procedurally to a much stronger perspective.

From his letter to the pope Gregory VII he stated that, they should fear God and honor the king of the emperor. In the contrary to this perspective, the church rulers had decided to fear God and dishonor the king who was himself (Andrea, 316). The apostolic seat is seen to have been obtained through violence and leads to false teachings that are contrary to the real doctrine. Through dishonoring the king and giving false teachings on the doctrines, the bishops are seen to lead more in the evil rule which is dominating over the entire kingdom.

During Gregory VII’s first excommunication and deposition of Henry IV, the prince of apostles St Peter stated how he gained rule over the empire. Here the Roman Church had called him to the church government to rule over the throne. He then went ahead and said that, God had given him power `to bind and to loose in heaven and on earth’, this means that he is expressly being given the power of rule on the people. In addition to that, a curse shall be given to the people who shall make any attempt to render the church asunder hence there is an expressive authority that people are entitled to respect and fear that comes from the pope.

The Roman church is seen to have deeper roots into the interior part of the empire. Elections are conducted throughout the whole empire and are conducted canonically and without simony or illegality. Though this, there is an extension of the area in which the pope rules and exercises his duties and obligations. Also in relation to this, the entire empire bishops are entitled to perform all the duties contained in the regalia which are uniform throughout the entire empire. In the final part, the emperor of Henry IV surrenders to the Roman church the all the powers that they are deemed to posses.

First he surrenders the regalia, he promises to restore all the possessions of the churches and princes during the quarrel that broke between them and promises to provide help whenever his help is needed by the church. He further promises to provide justice to all the matters that regard to the church’s operation and to the complaints raised by the church (Andrea, 317). Therefore, from arguments of the pope Gregory VII and emperor Henry IV it can be clearly noted that, the Pope has got expressly more power on earth as compared to the emperor.

First, the leader of the Roman church, Pope, gains power procedurally through different means. In addition, through the teachings of the doctrines the rule of the pope is exercised throughout the empire. The papal office can give a curse which makes people to respect and fear the rule of the church. Finally, the deeper roots built by the papal office shows how the pope is able to exercise rule over the entire empire more easily and appropriately. Works Cited Andrea, Alfred, The Medieval Record: Sources of Medieval History, Boston; Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997

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