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PowerPoint Presentation

Education has been one of the greatest treasures that a person can have and at the same time, before a person gains this treasure, several hardships and challenges will come his way. Education is not a gift that can be learned in an instant. It is also not a privilege which needs just a simple responsibility. Education is gained through accepting every challenges and being patient to learn more new things in our lives. Classroom has been the home of teachers, instructors and professors who opt to teach well and share their knowledge.

At the same time, it is the room which holds students together to learn new things and have fun at the same but not all things smoothly falls into place. Sometimes problems tend to occur and it seems so natural in a school or in a university. Students have the habit of doing other things when instructors or professors are teaching. It has been part of the everyday life of students. Therefore, there is no doubt that when it comes to concentration, there is less on the part of the students.

This ends the instructors to have a better way of presenting their lessons so that students will be interested in listening. At the same time, students also tend to do creative stuffs to catch the attention of their professors and classmates when reporting. In this case, we have two PowerPoint presentations to grade, evaluate and criticize. These presentations will be graded according to the following criteria: Meeting the requirements of the assignment such as number of slides needed and number of images to be presented, aesthetic presentation which includes readability, relevance and materials used.

At the same time, the presentation will also be graded according to its purpose and presentation, whether it is clear or not, materials being used and the bibliography slide. The two presentations were both beautiful. Aside from being colorful and creative, these presentations showed a lot of information about their respective topics. Although there are only limited slides, the presentation gave enough information for the viewers and the listeners.

“I am woman, let me not speak” PowerPoint and “the great divide” were both informative presentations which actually reached the policies and instructions for the assignment. Grading “I am woman, let me not speak” The presentation reached 19 slides which means that it exceeds from the required number of slides which is 10. At the same time, it has more or less tan 9 images to serve as proof of the study and to add color to the presentation. The PowerPoint is also readable and most written material was relevant to the whole presentation as well as the images.

It also possesses a clear overview why the presentation is needed and why that is the topic used. The material used is interesting and the bibliography part showed a lot of definitions for the readers and viewers to understand. The presentation received 10 points after the assessment. Meeting requirements of assignment: 2 points Pleasing aesthetic presentation: 2 points Coherent presentation: 2 points Material helps you understand some aspect of one or more of the plays we’re reading; material is interesting 3 points

Bibliography and Work Cited 1 point Grading “The Great Divide” On the other hand, the second presentation also showed a good competition. It holds 15 slides and around 9 pictures which are not all relevant to the topic. Some serves as decoration so that the presentation will be creative. Anyways, the texts were readable, images weren’t that relevant but it is informative. It has a clear presentation of purpose and plan and somehow interesting but unlike the first presentation, it doesn’t have a glossary.

The presentation received a total of 8 points Meeting requirements of assignment: 1point Pleasing aesthetic presentation: 1 point Coherent presentation: 2 points Material helps you understand some aspect of one or more of the plays we’re reading; material is interesting 3 points

Bibliography and Work Cited

1 point Works Cited The Great Divide. PowerPoint Presentation I am woman, let me not speak.

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