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Pre-Writing/Invention Strategies

Applying the pre-reading strategies upon reading the article “A Rescue at U. N. Headquarters, as Others Wait and Hope” by the New York Times, can make the central message clearer to the reader. The title and the heading provide an insight to the content of the essay; which is primarily the first visit of United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, on Haiti after the devastating earthquake hit the country. Skimming on the essay conveyed the inevitable scarcity of food in the place, plus the rescuers’ nationalism ideals on their effort rescues.

Skimming the essay provided insights that opened issues on importance of food and medical assistance to the victims of the earthquake. This makes a wider topic on the issues that must be tackled with regards to the mishap. After reading the essay and gaining queries and facts on the writing task, one must now apply the different pre-writing strategies to make the desired composition. Pre-writing strategies vary and may be referred to as free-writing, brainstorming, clustering, tagmemics, and journalistic technique (Pre-Writing Strategies, 2005).

I used the brainstorming technique to particularly list all the elements and ideas that might be useful in making an essay about my insights, but the unorganized bulleted form might not be very helpful in making a cohesive essay. On the other hand, in the clustering strategy, the central topic could be the scarcity of food and medical assistance to the victims, and other sub-topics are written in smaller circles connected to the central point. This is effective as it provides a clearer and more organized flow of ideas for the desired essay.

Conclusively though, it is advantageous to apply the journalistic technique to further broaden the essay. In this strategy, the six important questions; who, what, when, where, why, and how are discussed. By answering these questions, the author is ensured that the most important information about an event, issue, or problem is addressed to the readers. References English 090: Basic Reading and Writing. (2005) Pre-Writing Strategies. Retrieved July 12, 2010 from http://faculty. ncwc. edu/lakirby/English%20090/prewriting strategies. htm

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