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Professional goals

Personal plans for myself in the business world are highly ambitious and require long term planning. Right now, I have set my sights on more achievable short terms goals. Part of these short term goals is the vision of myself attending and eventually completing my MBA program at W. P. Carey. From there, I will join a financial services department. Possibly in a publicly listed company. Here I shall hone my skills in analyzing company information as well as their risk derivative products.

I also see myself joining a banking institution in the future where I will be furthering my knowledge of corporate financial reports analysis while sharpening my financial knowledge as well. I have spent countless hours comparing the various colleges and university programs online and none have appealed to me the way the W. P. Carey MBA does. I believe that this MBA will open doors for me because of the various topics and courses relating to financial risk management.

I wish to learn as much as I can about these topics even though I do not have a chance to study it in the university that I am attending because my major is International Business. The focus of my current major is on strategy management and marketing which I feel is wanting if I want to work and achieve all that is possible in the business world. I know that business is populated by a cut-throat society that has no room for the half hearted.

This is why I want to establish a core competency that can easily mimic any company and yet be different from the others. I wish to use all the opportunities that W. P. Carey MBA has to offer me in the sense of finding and strengthening my own core competency while also helping me to develop any areas that can be considered my weak points. I realize that my accomplishments in the university will help determine the kind of job offers I get after graduation.

Strengthening my core competencies will help me determine the business job path I should take. One way I can do this is by realizing my full potential as a student leader. As a part of the school government I will be able to enhance my interpersonal and oral communication skills, allow me to expand on my knowledge of strategic decision-making, as well a developing my creative thought process.

With regards to my long term goals, I see the W. P. Carey MBA program helping me to climb the ladder of success. I have my mind set on becoming the head of a financial department using the leadership lessons and abilities passed on to me by my professors at the university. I am a blank slate right now, waiting for your professors to write on me. My mind is a sponge, thirsting for the knowledge that your school is willing to share with me.

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