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Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper

To get ahead in one’s professional life in these competitive times is a strenuous task in itself, but one that needs to be lived up to. The best way to do that is to be constantly conscious of the happenings in the industry, understanding of the latest trends and more importantly keeping connected with people in the industry. Public Relations Society of America Being interested in Public Relations, my choice of organization is the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The society was founded in 1947 and is the largest organization for professionals in the Public Relations industry with over 31,000 professional and student members.

The primary objectives of PRSA are to “advance the standards public relations as an industry and to offer its members with professional development opportunities through education programs, information exchange forums and research projects. ” (About PRSA, 2010) Advantages of being a member Many times while one has to work on a project be it for work or university, one needs access to specialized journals and case studies which are only accessible to members and the research reaches a dead end because of this one factor.

Being part of special organizations such as the Public Relations Society of America allows access to this information and also at times has expert analysis and comments to go with them which make the research even more worthwhile (Professional membership societies: the benefits of professional association membership, 2010). Other than just publications, one also meets up with the people who conduct all this research and are researched about at various conferences throughout the year. This allows one to build a very good set of contacts which can be very beneficial in the long run and advancement of one’s career.

Through these contacts one learns of the latest industry developments, opportunities and trends taking place. Also through these contacts one can be mentored on various things, such as to some standard procedures which should be followed but you had them wrong. The sooner one join’s such an organization in their career the more beneficial, as this will allow one to implement the best set of practices and even if one joins later on they can always correct what they were doing to help them on their way forward.

The meet ups organized by such organizations are usually not always formal, there are many informal gatherings as well such as cook outs which allow people to get to know each other at a different level and at times when one can’t meet up due to engagements and meetings at work this is a good time to get to know and relate to one another. Some organizations even offer their members opportunities and grants to pursue their education and specialize further which not only benefit the members but also bring recognition and credibility to these organizations. Conclusion

The world of today is a highly competitive one and someone very correctly named it a rat race. If one doesn’t prepare and try it is almost impossible to get ahead and advance in your career. To do so it is very important to have the correct skill sets which assist you in doing so. Mahatma Gandhi said “the future depends on what we do in the present”, we should take heed from his advice and work towards the future in every way possible. Just getting a degree and a job is not the answer but working on getting ahead through building skills and meeting people is equally important.

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