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Progress & pursuits of humanity

Progress is perhaps one of the greatest pursuits of humanity. In some sense, progress could be interpreted as our next evolutionary move. However, there are many observable drawbacks from our pursuit of progress. There are so many problems that the society had to face. These problems include class, racial, gender, and national oppression. What is more saddening is that progress seems to amplify the graveness of these societal dilemmas. And yet one of humanity’s greatest tragedies is the progress of only a percent of the population while the majority is being left out to live miserable lives.

This paper would be based upon four videos, “Work Harder”, “Maxed Out”, “America: Freedom to Fascism”, “The Corporation. ” These videos express the oppression that is plaguing the society. All in all, these videos had voiced out the ongoing oppressive system that is shrouding the society. A recurring statement in these videos is that only a percent of the population is controlling how the majority should live their lives. This aspect is explicitly explored by the video “The Corporation. ” The video had delved into the dark truths behind corporations.

The video said that sometime in US history, corporations were endowed with the same rights and privileges as a human being. And presently, corporations are in control of how people should live their lives. They are the ones in control of what people should buy. And with the current developments, particularly in the fields of advertising and marketing, these corporations could somehow make us buy things that we do not really need. These dominant social forces just like corporations are the very reason why majority of the people are living in difficult circumstances.

The difficulty of the living conditions of the modern society is explored by the video “work harder. ” The video had shown how so many people toil all day, and even night, juggling multiple jobs and still just earning an amount which could only provide them survival. The video somehow suggests that common construct of employment is somehow dehumanizing the employees. And as the title of “Work Harder” suggests, people have to work harder and longer as long as selfish social forces are at work. This imposed level of how people should is somehow like a mockery to the people.

As if the people are not working hard enough. There are individuals in the society that juggle multiple responsibilities along with multiple jobs. Some individuals have to function as a student, as a mother, and have to work night and day. Until the oppression is ongoing in the society, majority of the population would have to settle for an unrewarding salary, while a percent of the population fattens their pockets even at sleep. And as if the living conditions within the present society are not yet in its worst state, the people are also punished by what is formally known as “taxes.

” This particular issue was explored by the video “America: Freedom to Fascism. ” The video had shown its audience how taxes make the lives of people more financially miserable. Moreover, the video had also explained how taxes originate. The video argues that taxes are just a ploy by some powerful bankers. These selfish individuals know that an implementation of taxes would just end up in their pockets. They are also aware of the repercussions of having taxes. They knew that the people’s burden would be augmented. However, these selfish individuals seem to devoid of conscience.

They are willing to make an entire society suffer just for the benefit of their pockets. Taxes already have a detestable nature, but the story behind taxes, as the video unfolds, is more disagreeable. The video had also pointed out that there is no existing law that tells that the people should pay taxes. There are so many taxes that the people need to pay, instead of using their hard-earned money to buy what they really need or desire. The existence of tax in the society just means that the government would take always takes away a portion of the people’s salary.

On the other hand, the video “Maxed Out” had explored how the prevalence use of credit cards has affected how the society works. It had seemed that the credit card system exist to be of help to the people, particularly in their process of purchasing goods and services. There are even cases wherein well-to-do individuals could go bankrupt because of the vicious deductions from using the credit card. In some sense, the credit card system creates an illusion that is favoring only those who are in control of the wealth in the society.

Those with an average salary would think, or rather would be fooled to think, that they could go on a buying spree. But what is even more tragic is that even the thrifty individuals could be converted to wasteful by credit cards. There are some instances wherein there are additional deductions when people make purchases trough credit cards. before the victims know it, their bank accounts would be dried up. These set of videos had shown how oppressive is the current prevalent system in the society. People are made to think that to be oppressed is the way they should live their lives.

Inequality would always ne rhymed with the word “society. ” As long as there are individuals who only think about profit, the majority of the population would fall victim to the oppression. The saddening aspect of this prevalent oppression is that the oppressed are being victimized by their own actions. The oppressors are just setting up foolery and illusions for the people to act according to their dictates. The oppressors are using the peoples power, their salaries in particular, against them. It is like the people is picking their own poison.

The oppressors just need to administer that poison. These videos are calling out for the people to realize that they are being dictated how to live their lives. And if this construct of the society goes on, the society would never experience genuine freedom. These videos are also seemingly suggesting that the solution to the oppression is within the people themselves. Since the oppressors are using the power of the people to oppress, if the people would only realize and admit their folly, perhaps real liberation could succeed. The people should realize that “We” are a nation.

All of us should help one another to make our living conditions better. No one should be too ahead, moreover, no one should be left behind. If we let this system of oppression to prevail, we are disregarding those heroes who have died for us to free people. We, the people, should recognize these loopholes in the society that only benefit the greedy. We are all free individuals and we should always keep that in mind. And in case we forgot, we should be thankful for these videos that serve as a reminder that we are a free nation.

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