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Psychological Warfare

I have come to a point in life that many people have not. I have made a firm decision to recommit myself to pursuing my dreams. While there are those who believe that with an ounce of luck and a ton of persistence anything can be accomplished, I believe that there is no reason to expend so much energy and rely on luck. I believe in taking hold of my destiny and carving out a future for myself based on the decisions that I make in life. Life is simply too short and too precious to be left to luck alone. This is why I have written this letter of intent to pursue my US Army Psychological Warfare Career.

Being a former logistics clerk with the United States Army, I had the opportunity to be deployed in Iraq. This is not often an assignment that many look forward to but I was glad for the chance to serve for my country. Due to my language proficiency in Arabic and French, I was the chosen translator for the team and the source operator for the unit. As such, I was assigned to several key operations teams. The most memorable among this was the psychological operations team because it was during this assignment that I realized that there was so much more that I could do and contribute in service of my country.

My desire to join this team comes from the experiences during my deployment in Iraq. From a professional standpoint, the value of psychological warfare cannot be understated. Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States has deployed its troops to various countries around the world to combat terrorism. Deployment in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan are hostile and dangerous places that pose a grave danger to the lives of all the soldiers stationed there.

As such, in order to ensure the success of these military campaigns, all members of the army must be able to be able to have the best of whatever sociology, psychology, science and technology have to offer. This is due to the fact that only through the contributions of these fields can the army be made strong. Psychology also plays a big portion in the armed forces from the pride of enlistment to fear of dying. Being in the army evokes both positive and negative emotions. Those who enlist in the army feel a certain pride in serving and protecting their country and its freedoms.

There is a feeling of patriotism and of accomplishment that arises from joining. The army also provides a feeling or sense of belonging found nowhere else. There is, however, a negative side to war that leaves psychological scars in those who survive it that will last a lifetime. No one can truly prepare themselves for the trauma inflicted by war. The fear of dying, fear of colleagues dying, and the sight of death and brutality can completely destroy a human brain. As such, realizing the key role that this plays, I have come to understand that I can be so much more and contribute better if I were a part of the psychological operations team.

On a personal level, my experience with the psychological operation team gave me a chance to interact with several different people. The mindset that I encountered in this team was quite different and perhaps awe inspiring. It is definitely not an easy job but it offers avenues of learning that appeal to me. It is only through this assignment that I was truly able to meet people from different walks of life and learn about their way of living. The army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage are values that I hold close to me.

These I value and I believe that this has helped me get through life. I have often led by example, as I feel all officers should. My resolve is further strengthened by my commitment. As I have previously mentioned, I am ready to give everything that I can in pursuit of this career as part of the psychological operations team. I am committed and I am dedicated to lay my life on the line in the service of my country. There is no greater honor for me in life than to be able to carry out my dream of being an able to interact with other cultures and being able to serve my country at the same time.

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