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Pursuit in sports

Everyone of us has had some experiences that will remain in our memory for the rest of our life. Brad Benioff in his autobiographic essay “Rick” retells exactly this sort of personal experience that he had while training for a high school water polo team. In frames of this short story the author manages not only to provide a very detailed account of events, but as well includes an impressive emotional coloring that enables readers as if to relive the events that Brad went through.

From the first sight, the author of the story underwent what happens with many of people of his age – the challenging and demanding nature of sport as a sphere of activity in which weakness is despised while strength is only taken for granted without much appraisal. This situation may lead somebody, as was the case with Brad Benioff, to the psychological state when a motivation must be found to continue one`s pursuit in sports.

For Brad such a motivation, and a very powerful one for that matter, was offered by his coach Rick Rezinas. Moreover, the author of the story himself became aware and appreciative of the influence that coach had had on him only much later, when he already became a prominent player. Now, aside from the outline general plot of the autobiographic essay, in the story told by Brad Benioff we can find signs left by the author that justify the placement of this narrative to the category of exemplary autobiographic writing.

For one, the story “Rick” by virtue of presenting the past events in the retrospective offers readers an instructive lesson of how things may be different when viewed from the different perspective later in life. At the same time, this story is also a great example of how intriguing and appealing a sincere personal account can be for readers who even do not know the author personally, which proves that the literary genre of autobiography is very potent.


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