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Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

It is the aim of Thailand to find not just an ordinary visitor for their country but someone who will be a quality visitor. Some officials have defined quality visitors as someone who will be able to stay in the country for quite a long time and one with high purchasing power. In England, UK tourists spend a total of 9,992 million lyres for tourism. In Wales, the Britons spend 248 million lyres. In Scotland, there are 757 million lyres. In Northern Ireland are 100 million lyres. In the whole United Kingdom, 11,167 million lyres are being spent for tourism alone.

Analyzing this data, we can see that people in the United Kingdom are really willing to allot a large budget for tourism. With this data provided, we can say that money is not a problem when it comes to attracting UK tourists to visit Thailand because UK tourists have no problem with their budget. In 1998, the World Tourism Organization released statistical data of the top twenty tourist detonations in the world. Fortunately, Thailand ranked 20th in the list. Although lucky enough to be the third Asian country in the list, Thailand, with 7, 720, 000 tourists must still work on their tourism strategies.

This means that Thailand needs to develop a strategy to persuade tourists, the change should come from how they advertise their country. Advertisements should not only focus on making the image of their country beautiful but also know what the tourists want. They can attract tourists not just by making a good image but also having a good reputation by catering to the standards of the clients. That is that after visiting Thailand, tourist will have good words thus creating advertising through words of mouth. To attract UK tourists, Thailand must use advertising tools and devices that the UK people can relate to.

They can create advertisements that are “not-so-asian” and UK-based concepts. Since the nature and geography of UK is far more different from Thailand, UK tourists might want to have a nice vacation in a kind of country that can give them an experience of a lifetime. The only job of Thailand is to market their difference to the other Asian countries. They can include places in their advertisements that are far better than the other Asian countries and what they think could be attractive to the people in UK. Television is one of the most effective tool in advertising and probably also one of the most expensive.

Thailand could put up cable networks that will be able to put their commercials in households of people in the UK. The Newspaper and flyers are also a good way of marketing their tourism. The Thailand government should also implement policies that may contribute to the peacefulness and beautification of the country. They can also tie up with some airlines and tourism agencies in the UK to have vacation packages that will seem very convenient to the customers. However, these strategies are not going to be successful if not shown to the public, especially the target customers, properly.

Visuals are good but it has to be accompanied by good audio too or else it will be scrap. Print-outs are also effective if the targeted customers can relate and understand the message they want to convey. A quantitative analysis will be employed to check if the strategies develop by Thailand are effective enough. Dommaphat & Manat (2003) also employed a quantitative analysis to check the degree of tourism in Thailand and how hospitable people of Thailand were. Another study of tourism that employed the use of quantitative analysis will be the work publishes in the Journal Biodiversity and Conservation.

The study tries to quantify the factors that affect the number of visitors coming in one country. For one country to be competitive in the tourism business, they need to have good infrastructure and civil order. The government should device policies that will help in attracting tourists. Thus to make sure that one is getting into the heart of the matter, a qualitative analysis will prove to be beneficial. Ongetpol & Chaisawas (2003) also employed qualitative analysis to check the perception of tourist regarding Phuket as meeting and convention destination. The study was able to give a better picture of the customer’s perception with the analysis that they used.


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