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Reality travel system

Overview of the product: VirtualTours is a virtual reality travel system that allows people to “visit” a tourist location of their choice and see the places of interests as if they are there in person without actually going there. This is done by a combination of advanced computer hardware and software stringing together panoramic pictures on a 3600 – viewable 3D imaging.

The usage of VirtualTours eliminates the troubles associated with traditional leisure traveling such as travel documents, packing, language issues, weather conditions, ticketing and so on, saves tremendous amounts of time, money and effort for the travelers and prevents damage to the environment by reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Features of the product : People can go to any of the VirtualTours kiosks operating in their city, sit at a console, wear the eye and ear gear, choose a destination of their choice and they will virtually feel like visiting the place, they can take a walk through the gardens, on the beaches and around the monuments and inside the museums and so on. VirtualTours will offer the experience of visiting all the important locations of the world like the seven wonders, the tourist capitals of countries and places of historic importance.

People can have an under-water scuba-diving experience without getting wet or see the surface of the moon without becoming an astronaut. Instead of spending huge amounts of money to visit one single place, people can see ten different places at a fraction of the cost at VirtualTours. This mode of touring is cheaper, easier and more environment friendly. The product has the potential to reduce the use of transport systems thereby contributing to the cause of saving the environment.

Market : With the cost, time and effort advantage, a part of the existing market of holiday and vacation travelers will shift to VirtualTours. There will also be a huge new market consisting of people who just want to see and learn about places for academic and general interest purposes. Mission statement : “To delight our customers with the best blend of advanced virtual reality technology and personalized service by taking them on enjoyable journeys of fun, knowledge and wonder to the best places on earth and beyond without actually traveling, all in a completely eco-friendly way.

To continuously improve the “virtual tour” experience by research and innovation” Short Term Marketing Objectives : In the first year of operations, VirtualTours plans to achieve the following objectives 1. To setup the company’s own VirtualTour center at Beijing with a capacity of 250 consoles to serve 1000 customers per day 2. To setup the first 50 VirtualTour Kiosks of 10 consoles across the metro and urban areas of China under the franchise business model within the first quarter of the year with a capacity to serve 2000 customers per day.

To achieve 25% occupation of consoles ( 750 customers per day out of a capacity of 3000) 4. To add one new “destination” per month for getting repeat business from customers and to cultivate a system of club membership cards for regular customers. 5. To break-even by the Eighth month by generating revenue through direct service, sale of club memberships, sale of area franchise rights for 20 cities in China, royalties and profit share from franchisees. 6. To post a profit of 30% by the year-end with 10% share of the Chinese leisure traveling market and 5% of the general market.

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