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Reconciling differences

It is a matter of fact that the role of mediation in private sessions is increasing in today’s swiftly changing business environment because often one party gets secret information and has, consequently, no desire to discuss it with another party. And that’s where mediation comes from. The key point of mediation is that mediator’s task isn’t to say who is right or who is wrong; instead, he has to provide suitable settlement of the disagreement. Mediator assists both parties in reconciling differences.

Mediation ensures confidentiality during private sessions, and, therefore, parties are free to discuss their inconveniences and conflicting moments in informal environment. Confidentiality is strict and parties shouldn’t be afraid that someone would receive information discussed during mediation session. For example, often the agreement about confidentiality is signed between mediator and parties. Furthermore, it is forbidden to tape mediation session and all notes made are destroyed after session is finished.

Actually, before the private session mediator informs both parties that session is close and confidential and, therefore, they should be sure that information would be never used as evidence against them. Confidentiality of private session raises commitment and trust allowing parties to show their emotions and disagreements openly and fully. The mediator plays crucial role in private session because he provides in-depth analysis of the existing conflict; he gives parties an opportunity to discuss private information; he provides alternative options of conflict resolution; he is able to deal with strong emotions and reflections, etc.

Actually, mediator makes parties to talk deeper about the problem as it is the only way to find the best suitable solution. Mediator is impartial and parties feel free to talk deeper. The mediator’s task during such sessions is to defuse hostile attitudes and settle miscommunications. He softens extreme positions, assesses strengths and weaknesses of both parties providing the best suitable solution.

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