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Republican Party

The Republican Party philosophy is the strength of a nation is dependent upon the strength of the individual. They believe that each individual is given the right to attain goals by God and to respect the right of others to search and reach those goals. They feel that it is the duty of the government to make sure to limit its activities to giving only those services that people cannot get alone, for instance national defense. It is their belief that the best government is the one that is near the people, so they support a stronger local government.

They say it is the duty of the government and society to provide assistance to those individuals who are unable to provide for themselves. People of all races, age, sex, or national origin have the right to equal justice and opportunity, and it is the responsibility of these individuals to respect the Constitution, laws, and the courts. On the financial end they say that government is accountable, and it should maintain money and economy in a responsible way. Citizens should not be taxed excessively; government waste, over-regulations and inflation should be controlled by the government (Ellis County Republican Women, 2010).

Current Important Political Issues Due to the advancement in technology and the role of the media it seems that important political issues are changing continuously. In the 2008 presidential race, economy was the top issue of the day, then for most part of 2009, health care reform was at the top. As of July 17, 2010 they have managed to kill three bills that they claim would give unemployment insurance to those who have been jobless long-term. They claim this is done in an effort to reduce the huge budget deficit (Hearn, 2010) Regular Conventions Held & 2008 Presidential Candidate

John McCain was the party’s candidate for president in 2008, and the announcement was made at their national convention. The Republican holds conventions regularly. Chapter on Campus, Community or State They have chapters in all major counties. Independent Party Party Philosophy This party is what is left of the late Governor of Alabama George Wallace’s fairly well to do party of 1968 to 1972 time period. They have a very basic Religious right ideology. The do not really have a single party philosophy as the party is not doing too well and the few chapters that do exist are only focusing on state, congressional and local elections.

Current Important Political Issues The main chapters are the Idaho, Utah and Nevada Independent American Party Chapters and since they mainly focus on local, state or congressional elections, the party lacks any substantial national stand on political issues. Regular Conventions Held & 2008 Presidential Candidate Did not support anyone after the 2000 election and do not have regular conventions. Chapter on Campus, Community or State After affiliation with another small party they have chapters in some states but the Utah, Idaho and Nevada chapters are the only ones of any significance.

Boston Tea Party Party Philosophy This party broke away from the Libertarian Party in 2006, because the founders of the Boston Tea Party felt that the Libertarian Party was distancing itself from its’ roots. The BTP party is a very basic single sentence statement: “The Boston Tea Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose. ” (Gunzburger, 2010) Current Important Political Issues

The Boston Tea Party want immediate US withdrawal from Iraq and the want the Patriot Act repealed. They support federal income tax cuts and want marijuana legalized. Regular Conventions Held & 2008 Presidential Candidate The Boston Tea Party has ballot access in a total of three states, meaning their candidate has no realistic chance of winning. They did support Charles Jay in the 2008 for President. He captured a 0. 002% of the national vote (Gunzburger, 2010). Chapter on Campus, Community or State The BTP has affiliate parties in a small number of states. American Patriot Party

Party Philosophy This is a very young party, founded in 2003. They believe in implementing the standards put forth by the founding fathers and their writings, like the “the Absolute Rights of the Colonists of 1772” and the Declaration of Independence. They want to take the country back to the way the fore fathers had intended it to be with limited federal control and more state control. They believe it should be the decision of the states to figure out what should be mandated, banned or regulated. They want the country to work only with the powers that are allowed in the Constitution.

The want more statesmen running the country than politicians, and when endorsing candidates all they require is that the candidate promise that he will not seek more than two terms. Current Important Political Issues They want to put more power in the hands of the state and local government, and reduce the federal government by putting a hiring freeze on jobs which are not mandatory. They want more private enterprise, and want Federal Lands transferred to either the States or the relevant counties so that Federal bureaucracy can be minimized.

They are in favor of eliminating the IRS and related bureaucracy and repealing the federal income tax. They want to impose heavier taxes and tariffs on goods which are imported. They want US to leave the United Nations, and want to impose a foreign policy of non-intervention. They also believe the federal government should not be involved in education. APP favors a crackdown on illegal immigrants, and wants English fluency to be a requirement for US citizenship. Regular Conventions Held & 2008 Presidential Candidate

No regular conventions as this party does not have a ballot status in most states, so realistically speaking their presidential candidate does not really stand a chance of winning. They did not nominate their own candidate but they did endorse Ron Paul for President in 2008. Chapter on Campus, Community or State They have chapters in several states with Oregon state party group taking the lead in trying to organize a national effort. Most states are without chapters. —————

Small political parties I believe do not have any significant influence in American Politics and that is simply because of their size. Most of the parties discussed here so small, limited to a hand full of states only, that their voices are not heard on a national level. Most of these small parties do not even have the funds needed to hold conventions on a national level or to finance a candidate, so instead of nominating their own candidate they just endorse candidates from other parties whose views are somewhat similar to their own party philosophy.

Some of these small parties do not even have clearly defined ideas of what they stand for and those who know what they want do not know how to go about implementing and enforcing what they stand for. I feel these parties may be effective on a local level but for national issues they are lacking and I would not join them simply because I feel they are not capable of handling the complex issues Works Cited Ellis County Republican Women. (2010). Retrieved July 20, 2010, from www. ecrw. org: http://ecrw. org/republican philosophy.

aspx Gunzburger, R. (2010). Directory of U. S. Political Parties. Retrieved July 23, 2010, from www. politics1. com: http://www. politics1. com/parties. htm Hearn, K. (2010, July 17). www. uspolitics. Retrieved July 22, 2010, from About. com:US Politics: http://uspolitics. about. com Party Platform. (2000). Green Party Convention. Denver, CO.. The American Patriot Party. (n. d. ). Retrieved July 23, 2010, from www. americanpatriotparty. cc/: http://www. americanpatriotparty. cc/ If you feel I have done justice with your

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