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Revision to the Uniform Commercial Code

There are revisions to the Uniform Commercial Code. The revision can be proved by the existence of writings and comments about the law. It is also clear that many businessmen and concerned people who studied the changes of the Uniform Commercial Code. Barnes, Dworkin and Richards in the Online Learning Center mentioned that various provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code had been revised for purposes of clear reflection of the changes that existed from the time the legislation was drafted into law (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1).

It could be remembered that the law was drafted by the American Law Institute as well as the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1). There are many samples of the provisions that are being revised in the Uniform Commercial Code. First, article 1 which discussed about definitions and terms used in the law is under revision lately (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1). Next, article 2 which talks about sale of goods contracts is also being changed (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1).

Third, the latest revision of article 2A was done in the year 1990 (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1). Fourth, article 3, 4, 5 and 6 are also revised such that latest revision of the said sections started in the year 1987 up to 1995 (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1). It is noticed that there is no revision for article 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Article 7 talks about investment securities transactions (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1). Next, there were revisions for article 8 of the law since it was made in the year 1998 together with article 9 (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1).

For the last section of the law, the earliest date of being effective was July 1, 2001 (Barnes, Dworskin and Richards 1). Finally, knowing that Uniform Commercial Code is applied differently in some states, there is no proof of a final printed copy of the revisions. However, it is certain that there were revisions made to the said legislation of the United States.

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