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RID allocation

The video studied for this assignment can be found at the following URL and demonstrates how to change roles from one domain controller to another; http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=xm2lUilpwJo The video shows how to change operation master roles from one server to another in the event of maintenance or server upgrades. The demonstration example uses a single domain controller performing all the active directory replication tasks and shows how these tasks can be moved to another server or spread around to other servers in the forest.

It explains how to change the RID allocation pool from a server which needs to be taken down to another server in order to maintain full functionality of the network. It also shows how to change the PDC emulator for pre-Windows 2000 clients on the network, and how to change the Infrastructure role to another server, which maintains the consistency of all the objects in an inter-domain environment.

As well as changing the domain wide operation master roles the video shows how to change the domain naming master, which ensures unique network names are applied, and how to change the schema master role for the active directory. The video showed how to add the relevant snap-in for the schema master role into the MMC, which was very useful. I did not know how easy it was to add snap-ins to the MMC by running the regsvr command against the relevant dll file.

It was very helpful to know about this specific snap-in which enables the schema to be transferred between servers. The video is a very clear example of how to achieve an important domain management issue, which enables network technicians to spread the load of an active directory infrastructure across many different servers. The rating given to this video on a scale of one thru five is a four. The video is clear and concise, and to the point with clear narration and screenshots.

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