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How to approach someone you will like to know better (Rough Draft) 1. Be confident 2. Make eye contact 3. Approach with caution 4. Find somebody to introduce you 5. Join in an existing conversation 6. Introduce yourself When approaching somebody whom you want to get to know better, you have to exude self confidence and make eye contact with the person you want to meet. Try to catch the persons eye and make yourself interesting to him or her. Maybe your actions will lead to the person approaching you instead.

If the person you want to meet seem to be aloof or picky about the people he or she speaks to, approach the person with caution but no so cautiously that you lose your self confidence when you open your mouth to speak. It would probably be best to find a common fried to introduce you to the party concerned. Sometimes, a group of talkers at the party end up in an animated conversation. If the person you want to get to know is part of the group, try to join in on the conversation and work in a personal introduction while you share your opinion or views on the topic being discussed.

How to Approach Someone You Will Like to Know Better Why is it that we often times find it hard to introduce ourselves to people or even a specific person whom we would like to get to know better? Why do we get tongue tied and sometimes embarrass ourselves when we try to meet the person? Why do these situations always occur at parties? When caught in such a situation, how can one effectively deal with it? There must be a better way of approaching a person to introduce ourselves in order to get to know them better.

All that is necessary to pull it off is a well laid out plan. To start off, self confidence often spells the difference between an embarrassing introduction or a highly successful approach that leads to an animated conversation that helps us get to know the person we are talking to better. Eye contact is very important when introducing yourself because our eyes show our sincerity in really wanting to get to know the person. It also helps us convey our interest in what the person is saying.

If you cannot work up the confidence to introduce yourself, making good use of eye contact could possibly lead to the person you are interested in to come over to you and introduce him or herself instead. When you are unsure about how to introduce yourself or approach the person because the person carries an air of aloofness, it is best to do either one of two things, find somebody, such as the hostess of the party to introduce you or wait until somebody you know approaches the person and then request to be introduced.

This will break the ice and give you a common topic to discuss. The shallow conversation that began with the introduction can pretty much go anywhere from there. Lastly, you can wait for the person to get involved in a group conversation. If you are familiar with the topic, take advantage of the opportunity and jump in with your own views. Personally introduce yourself to everyone in the group whom you are not familiar with.

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