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Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University is in institution rooted in the past. Its values and foundations have endured for decades, and have built the foundation of what is to become one of the premiere Catholic learning institutions in the country. Its rich history has continued to develop and mold students not just into academically competent and excellent individuals, but also into God-fearing and service oriented persons with a concern for those in need in the community. This perhaps is the most valuable contribution of the university to the community at large.

My education at the university has taught me how to see others in a different way. It has taught me that each person is special in the eyes of God, and that this should encourage me to help and serve those around me who are in need. My university education has also taught me the value of keeping one’s values and principles intact. Through my education, I have learned the importance of having a strong faith, because this will be what will help me go through those rough times. I have also learned the importance of service to others.

I have learned that this should be the end goal of our university education. One’s goal should not be to become rich, or powerful or even famous; one should aspire to help as many people as one can, and inspire others to live a life to faith and worship to God, and of service to others. Lastly, my education at the university has taught me that our God is a merciful God, and no matter who we are and what we do, he will not turn away from us, so long as we believe and have faith in Him.

I believe this is very important, since we all face challenges in our lives everyday. This university education has also shown me a world wherein there are people constantly in need. From the beginning of my education, I have seen how those of us to whom much has been given, much is also expected in terms of helping the less fortunate. Since we have all been blessed with a university education, we must utilize it to help alleviate the plight of the poor and the needy.

In whatever field or profession we go to, we must not forget that service to others should be the end goal in mind. My educational experiences will surely shape how I will work in the future. It will help me treat other people better, by dealing with them with more honesty and sincerity. My experiences will also guide me in ensuring that I keep my moral and spiritual compass towards the right path. I must never compromise my values and principles for the sake of success, or at the expense of others.

Honesty and truthfulness will always be rewarded in heaven, though it may not be rewarded as much here on earth. My education will also shape the kind of careers and work I will get myself into. Perhaps it will be possible for me to go into service-oriented and charitable work, in line with the vision and mission of the university. Though these kinds of work do not pay as much, the amount of fulfillment I will get will be ten-fold as compared to the higher paying jobs. I will also choose the careers where I am sure that I will make an honest living.

my education has taught me that a career can be fulfilling even though it is honest and not high paying. I do not need to get into corrupt, evil, and dubious jobs just to get rich. An honest living will reward me with numerous blessings from the Lord. Lastly, my education has inspired me to live a life in service of others. By looking at the example of the life of Catherine McAuley, despite the many adversities and trials that we face, we can still live an honest and fulfilling life in the service of others.

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