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School Achievement

In a classroom setting, it is true that there happens to be some students who feel unworthy and unmotivated. This results to a negative effect that the student gets scared most of the time and develops fear in the end. There are strategies that could be primarily done and is initiated by the teacher and can prevent these instances to happen. The strategies let the students earn positive self-esteem. Making them feel comfortable about themselves, inside and out.

By attaining it, the student now is gradually earning himself a sense of security in his classroom because he has now confidence to himself. By the confidence and security the student has inside, he is competitive and ready to achieve his dreams. Strategies to Increase Positive Self-esteem In a classroom, there is a high chance of an individual to feel that they are of less worth than the others. As a result, the student get scared and stressed. Stress and fear that somehow grow and could unnoticeably become a constant feeling.

These have negative effects on the productivity and learning process of an individual and regarding this matter, it is of importance to enhance the activities and put more focus on the teacher’s programs that could boost the individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Self-esteem is the certainty that you are knowledgeable to deal with life’s problems and are praiseworthy of pleasure. When a student has self-esteem and is confident in doing his tasks, it is clear that the student will get larger school achievement. In achieving these goals, the teachers own the bigger responsibility than the student.

The strategy here is that the teacher must initiate. The teacher should be acquainted with the student’s skills, capabilities and strengths. These would be the targets that the teacher must focus more on to. They (teacher) could ask a student to do a small artwork wherein they will list down the things that they like about themselves and make it a habitual piece of their exchanges. While having a class discussion, they must articulate delicately in a soothing manner if a student shows uneasiness. By then, they could demonstrate some guarantee and support.

This strategy promotes a feeling of security in the part of the student wherein by hearing compliments from his teacher, he feels good, secured, proud and not scared. In giving tasks to them, they could begin with a small number of questions the student can productively complete. Or in other way, they could mix together easier questions with complicated ones to maintain the student’s motivational elevation high. To make the strategy more effective, the teacher could give activities that would give opportunities for students to exhibit headship task in class.

On this technique, the student gets confidence knowing they are being trusted to lead. It becomes a big achievement for them once they succeed. However, if the student did some mistakes or played along with his task, let them understand that it’s not an excuse. It is an explanation, an enlightenment, which means they must still face punishments or consequences for these dealings. These strategies presided by the teacher are manageable and are easy to apply. If used systematically, it could increase the student’s positive self-esteem and sense of security and achievements.

These strategies are applicable in any classroom context for as long as there is a teacher and a student. Whether solo or a number of students are being handled, the techniques are still applicable. It would lessen the number of scared, stressed, and unproductive students to zero. Even though the student is a normal kid or not, like students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) for example, these strategies are still effective to use. Interrelationship among Self-esteem, Sense of Security and School Achievement

The student’s skills are the teacher’s targets. The teacher helps the student recognize their work, appreciate it and nourish it within. If this happens, this means that the individual likes himself both inside and out – a sure sign of high or positive self-esteem. Clearly, it gives the individual the confidence he needs and the courage to be himself. Whenever time comes that he feels the pressure is on him, he can be responsible of himself already and choose the right decisions and resolutions.

The individual improves and gets confident everyday in his schooling and he would feel no fear most of the time. This chain effect is absolutely systematically making the individual more competitive. The student is turning to be a highly motivated individual now, ready to reach his goals and can effectively stand by himself already. In that sense, he is now more of an achiever.


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