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Sex and the City

The movie Sex and the City (SATC) is the continuation of the hit HBO series. This film focused on the lives of four independent women who were living and thriving to achieve success and true love in the dog eat dog world of New York. It was directed by Michael Patrick King and produced by Darren Star and Sarah Jessicc Parker which was released in May of 2008 (IMDb, 2009). SATC was intended to capture the interest of the females aged 20 years old and older. More so, the film relied on the fan based formed by the series which were mainly “women and gay men” (Phily.

com, 2008). Because of this foundation, the movie became a big hit reaping over $400 million of profit and it acquired several nominations from different award giving bodies (IMDb, 2009). Sex and the City emphasized the ever changing role of women in the society. It showed how women can also become powerful professionally and sexually liberated like men. The reason for using New York City as the backdrop of the movie is because this place is the mecca of fashion, economy and culture.

For the majority of the modern female population, these elements are of primary concern. More so, SATC integrated the different personality and lifestyles of the four main characteristics to illustrate the different experiences of women. In order for the movie to lure its target audience, it highlighted the use of designer labels and the classic plot of a woman in search for true love in a city that is filled with drama and constant changes.

Moreover, SATC showed the addiction of women with fashion particularly in the scene where Carrie was asked by her boyfriend if she should give her a diamond ring since they were getting married, she said “just give me a really big closet. ” Apparently, the big storage is for Carrie’s extensive collection of expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes. Also, during the entire movie, the Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha were always clad in trendy and branded clothes like in the opening scene where they wore beautiful and stylish wardrobes with matching designer bags.

On the other hand, women’s passion for friendships and yearning for fairy tale endings was showcased when Carrie was reading a story to the daughter of Charlotte, she said “… Cinderella and the Prince lived happy ever after,” then she uttered to the kid “you know things like this do not always happen in real life. ” This was suppose to show Carrie’s frustration when her wedding with her dream guy did not push through. But the real clincher was when carried said that “Life does not always turn out to be like your fantasy, that’s why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all.

” This line showed how women value their friends particularly in times of troubles. References IMDb. (2009). Sex and the City. Retrieved May 25, 2009, from http://www. imdb. com/title/tt1000774/ King, M. P. (Director). (2008). Sex and the City [Film]. US: HBO Films. Phily. com. (2008). Sex and the City – Gender and the audience. Retrieved May 25, 2009, from http://www. philly. com/philly/blogs/flickgrrl/Sex_and_the_City_- _Gender_and_the_audience. html

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