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Seymour Myron Hersh: An Exemplar of Democratic Investigative Journalism

In the United States, journalists are either alleged of sensationalizing the news or kidnapped. Once a journalist, one foot shall be kept in the grave while the other continues to risk itself in trying to expose the most sensitive, controversial, and world-changing events to the public. It is indeed a difficult career. However, there is a journalist who seems to be never satisfied with being a plain and safe news reporter and writer, but instead buried his foot deeper into the grave by entering the risky and very challenging world of investigative journalism. He is none other than Seymour Hersh.

American Pulitzer Prize awardee Seymour Myron Hersh, who became popularly known as Sy Hersh, is tagged as “the most feared investigative reporter in Washington” (Cooke). He was the man who revealed the alarming truths of My Lai massacre; who exposed every inch of hidden facts about Nixon’s undisclosed attack to Cambodia; and the one who went after Bush and Cheney’s sides about the abusive acts against the prisoners in Abu Ghraib (Cooke). Up to this date, Hersh continues to explore, discover, and reveal alarming and eye-opening truths about the current prevailing social and political issues in the world.

His works cover writing books which delve into social issues and events, and writing news for the world renowned publication The New York Times and as well as writing socially relevant articles in The New Yorker. Over his years of selfless service for truth and democracy, his works became the people’s guide and basis for significant opinions and perspectives about the most relevant issues and events around the world. His interest and fascination in exploring the different angles and sides of the story gave him his possessed credibility and integrity in the mainstream journalism.

Hersh never feared and got intimidated by the powerful and influential, be it the American president or the most dangerous man alive. His articles in The New Yorker such as “Lunch with the Chairman” and “The Redirection” explore sensitive issues about powerful people from the government, wealthy foreigners, and terrorist groups. These articles had a great impact not just among Americans but among the concerned people of the world who care to know about what is happening in current wars and revolutions. In “Lunch with the Chairman,” Hersh exposed a controversial meeting between Richard Perle, a renowned personality in U.

S. politics, and Adnan Kashoggi, a famous broker of destructive arms and aircrafts. On the other hand, in “The Redirection,” Hersh made the readers contemplate on whether the new shift of strategy in defense of the United States is actually benefiting the country’s enemies and whether the shift is worsening terrorism or not (Hersh). These articles are not plainly informative ones. They expose opinions, facts, and realities which, more often than not, are hidden from the public. Several works further prove Hersh’s passion for truth, arousing people’s curiousness and concern about significant world issues.

For instance, “Selective Intelligence” reveals Donald Rumsfeld’s undisclosed special sources for intelligence actions; “Get out of the Vote” addresses the possibilities of Washington’s manipulation during the Iraq election; “Up in the Air” unveils the possible outcomes and strategy shift in Irag’s game plan (Hersh). These are just some of the simplest, written proofs of a journalist’s dedication for truthful and selfless public service. Exemplar appears to be the word that best describes Symour Hersh and his service as a journalist.

Not everyone in this field is willing and able to do such perilous works like what Hersh does. Belief in democracy implies belief in people and people’s rights. This includes believing and protecting people’s rights to be aware of what happens inside and outside of their government and about any other issue which concerns their existence. This idea is what Hersh portrays in his role as an investigative journalist. Today, it would be difficult to find a reporter whose words are written not for the sake of becoming popular but for making relevant issues popular enough for the world to know.

Journalists like Symour Hersh are those who make this ideal still possible today. Indeed, money counts. While journalists are employees who just have to do their jobs and make sure they earn right whether or not they care enough about the issue they are covering or not, in the end, it all boils down to one reality: Journalists are ought to reveal what is true and significant for the people’s awareness. The truth is all that matters, and in Symour Hersh’s works, this statement is clearly evident.

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