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Shrek & funny movie

Shrek is funny movie from Dreamworks that features the voice of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy. Released in May 16, 2001, the movie sold about $200 million. This movie won as the Academy Award winner as the Best Animated Feature. It also won as the British Academy as the Best Adapted Screen Play. The movie gathered a lot more awards and nominations. Shrek was a desolate ogre and was contented to live alone: no love, no friendship. He peacefully lived alone in a far-away swamp not until Donkey came to his life.

I personally like the blend of Donkey’s sense of humor and Shrek’s seriousness. Unlike the typical serious main character and a funny foil character, Shrek and Donkey showed more than the bullying and humiliating kinds. Although Shrek was usually pissed off by Donkey’s non-stop mouth, he still liked having Donkey around. He treated Donkey as a friend and just a side-kick, assistant or other sorts alike. More than the funny and the romantic sides of it, the movie also portrayed some important key concepts in interpersonal communication.

For me, the movie showed three of the five components to effective communication by Pfeiffer and Jones : Self-disclosure, String-self Concept, and Active listening. The other two components that I really did not see in the movie are Clarity of expression and Coping with emotions. 1 Shrek was a lonely ogre before he has met Donkey, Fiona and the rest of the group. He became more involved with these fellows when he eventually opened up himself to them. Thus, this perhaps the most important key concept in the movie: self -disclosure.

Self-disclosure is the ability to talk truthfully and fully about yourself which is also a symptom for a healthy personality. It helps us to feel free in expressing our real self which makes us comfortable in dealing with other people. Although there are differences in personality (like Donkey and Shrek), self-disclosure begets respect. Donkey is outgoing and not so serious, almost an exact opposite of Shrek. But then again, they were able to be good friends. Before, Shrek was more likely to live by himself. His paradigm was that it was fine to be alone because he did not have any problem and peacefully swims in the swamp.

When he met Donkey, he experienced that it is better to have someone to live with. In this case, with a friend. Shrek 1started with an example of conflict resolution. Conflict resolution is the attempt to peacefully resolve differences of point of views, priorities, and arguments between and among players by seeking satisfying solutions so that the needs of both parties are met. Lord Farquaad and Shrek came up with an agreement:Lord Farquaad will remove all fairy tale creatures in Shrek’s pond and Shrek will rescue Princess Fiona who was then in castle that is surrounded by lava and guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.

This scene shows steps in overcoming conflicts. First, is the point of departure wherein the motives of the two parties became known to each other. Although Lod Farquaad really did not tell the whole truth, one thing was sure, he wanted Fiona. This continues to the second and third step, your wishes and my wishes where both parties exchanged their wishes and goals. Lord Farquaad sees the abilities of Shrek, he then realized that maybe, and the strength of Shrek was enough to get Fiona out of the castle.

Likewise, Shrek believed that Lord Farquaad can remove the fairy creatures out of his swamp. Finally, after considering and discussing common solutions to both problems, they eventually came up with the agreement. This simple scene from the movie has been able to portray one process that everybody needs to learn: conflict resolution. However, it is not the motives that count here. It is the process. The two conflicting parties have to talk first. They should listen to each other and avoid talking and shouting at the same time just like people who are angry do.

Although being angry is natural, it does not help in resolving conflicts. Another important key concept of interpersonal communication tackled in the story is self-concept. It is how you see yourself and the situations you are in. Love, respect, and acceptance from significant others can help us have a healthy self-concept. What do we perfectly remember about self-concept? The Johari window. When Shrek was able to save Fiona out of the castle, Fiona orders Shrek to remove his helmet so they can have true love’s first kiss.

Shrek’s identity is hidden for Fiona. But then again, when he showed his real face to Fiona, she was disappointed and did not consider him as her true love. As the day passed by that they were together, more of Shrek’s identity became free to Fiona. But Fiona’s identity remained hidden. Until one night, Donkey discovered that Fiona becomes an ogress when the sunset comes. This remained hidden for Shrek. As Shrek overheard the conversation of Donkey and Fiona, he had misunderstood Fiona’s words and thought that she has called him monster.

Although they have loved each other, they were not able to portray a strong self-concept to each other. There are steps to achieve a stronger self-concept or to increase the free area of our Johari window, and lessen the blind, hidden and dark area. First, we must listen to the feedbacks being given to us by our friends, loved ones and even enemies to make the blind be free. Just like the fact that we cannot see the dirt in our face, we also do not see some of our bad attitudes. Not all people who tell us what they do not like to us only want to piss us off; some of them want us to change for the better.

Maybe among these people are our parents so we need to listen to them. Not only listening in the sense of really listening to them but also trying to change at least a little. Another step is to share what are hidden. Although sometimes, it is more securing to keep secrets, it is also heart-warming to share secrets. It is more delighting to have someone to cry with, to laugh with, and to help you. Shrek and Fiona found true love in each other by being by being honest and trusting enough to let each other know who and what they really are.

Lastly, we must be sensitive to revelations to make the dark side be free. Usually, combining the first two steps reveals of our dark side. What we know about ourselves and what others know about us can be analyzed to make us a better person. Shrek thought that he can live alone but when Fiona and Donkey came to his life, it became known to all that Shrek has a heart for a friend and is capable of loving someone special to him. Likewise, why they have misunderstood each other, is because they were not active listeners.

Active listening is an intellectual and emotional process that integrates physical, emotional and intellectual inputs in search of meaning and understanding. Fiona and Shrek were not able to be active listeners since they easily jumped to conclusions and immediately followed their initial judgment. They did not mind to sit and listen to each other without their personal judgment. In general, this movie is all about how does interpersonal communication make people change. Befriending someone may teach us different lessons in life. It could help us to know ourselves better while knowing him or her too.

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