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Some Vivid Images

Life reveals itself in many shades and shadows. Light or dark, matte and glossy, whichever way, as with everything in this world, good times come with bad ones. Nevertheless, while it is worth it to rekindle the joyful moments we have had, the sad ones are worthy to remember just the same. For while the good ones lifted our souls up, the bad ones strengthen our torn selves as we gather back the pieces of our broken selves. My Natal Day The sun once again smiled at me. As bright as it shines on me is the promise this day has laid in store for me. I am another year older, hopefully, another year wiser.

Today is like a jar full of surprises. The wind sings songs to my ears. As my loved ones takes turns reminding me that my presence has indeed changed their lives for the better. It is the best day to remember we matter in the greater scheme of things. That day is worth our lives worth. Natal days remind us that we are gifts of love to other people. It authenticates our worth and sort of tells us that we are born to this world for a purpose. And that special day is celebrated to give gratitude to the Almighty that another opportunity is extended for us to spread the love and magic that is our lives. The Last Time I Cried

Fate do throws us a couple of stones in along the way and in most cases, and it usually hits our faces. Often times, we are left defenseless and are resolved to cry. The last time I shed a tear was not too long ago. In fact, it was just a couple of days ago when bad things are going to well for me. When the angels took my friend to their care in heaven, tears flooded my cheek. Her loss has left a void in my heart. That fateful day sure was hemmed with a lot of heartaches and pains that only time can heal. That is certainly one of life’s moments when reasons are not reasons enough to ease the pain of such loss.

It was a time when fate is the author who prefers to remain anonymous to spare itself of the blame. The last time I cried, I remember telling myself that even hindsight cannot dare explain the injury that her loss has inflicted in me. As my foresight can neither spare me from all the pain I was bound to feel. In reality, times are there when tears do run down our cheeks almost inevitably. Receiving Compliments Having just a soul tell me, “You made my day,” certainly makes my day. Receiving a compliment is like an echo that bounces back. This is because praises are drugs that give us that kind of high.

And the good thing about it is that it has no side effects. It puts a smile on the face of the recipient as well as a glow in the heart of the giver. While compliments remind us that we did a good job it must not hinder us to remain humble like the sunset. Receiving compliments must inspire us to work even harder as people may doubt what we say but they would always believe what they see us do. Compliments see us through the tough times. It makes us believe in our strengths much more than we ever thought we could. It dares us to go beyond the blinding horizon.

Truly, compliments are lubricants that sweep friction away from an otherwise stressful pace we thread throughout the course of our lives.


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