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Spending Time at Marriott’s

Armed with exquisite amenities and breathtaking views, Marriott Ocean Pointe is the best place to rejuvenate and spend vacation. Located in the Gold Coast of Florida and just near Palm Beach, Marriott Ocean Pointe does not only provide a relaxing atmosphere it also gives an avenue to experience many outdoor activities and sports for adults and children. Among these activities are swimming, tennis, golf, scuba diving and snorkeling. There are also many outdoor activity sites near the resort thus, there are more opportunities to experience many activities and make the most of one’s vacation.

Marriott Ocean Pointe provides excellent amenities that will not only make a vacation memorable but also convenient and worry-free. The villas are equipped with spacious bedrooms, separate living rooms and dining areas. It also has two balconies where one can enjoy the spectacular view of the beach. Apart from the balconies, the master suite of the villas also has an oversized tub where one can enjoy long baths (Marriott Corporation). A fully equipped kitchen is also available in the villas. This allows one to enjoy home-cooked meals even on vacation. It also saves one from the pain of paying for dine-out meals.

Utility areas as well as washers and dryers are also available in the villas. Resort amenities on the other hand include four pools and two whirlpools. There is a fitness center, a volleyball court and a tennis court. Family and children’s activities are planned to maximize one’s vacation. In order to enjoy all these amenities and facilities, there is a need to take part in the time-share ownership system. Through time sharing one can enjoy the pleasures of staying in a villa and need not worry of vacation inflation or uncomfortable and narrow bedrooms. Time sharing is a mode of ownership which the Marriot Vacation Club International offers.

This system allows one to choose the villa that he would like to own and to choose the weeks in a year when he would like to spend in his villa. The ownership terms and policy are very flexible and can be tailored based on the needs and preferences of the purchaser. The price range is $7, 500 to $65, 000 per week. The prices are based on the number of weeks owned, the location and view of the villa and the season of use. The villa time-share owners may also prefer fixed or floating weeks. Through the floating weeks system, the owners may choose a block of weeks within a preferred season to enjoy their villas.

Most of the owners choose this system for the convenience and flexibility that it provides (Vacation Ownership). Marriott Corporation, an international lodging company which operates Marriott Ocean Pointe, now runs 3,100 lodging properties in 65 countries and territories. Among its properties include beach resorts, ski resorts, hotels, apartments, residences, inns, conference centers and vacation club (Marriott Corporation). Given the flexibility of time sharing ownership which the corporation provides, it expects more people to take part in the enjoyment of its vast array of lodging properties.


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