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Sports & characterized

Sports is often characterized as manner in which people in all ages engaged with physical and mental exercise that will help them further develop their capabilities as a person. Also, sports is a choice in choice in which all the people can do with any way they want it to apply for their own purpose of application. With this outlook, sports should be a friendly activity provided for everyone with no gender or disability bias. Furthermore, sports and its organization must implement equal treatment for everyone who is engaged in a specific sport.

However, there still issues that contradicts to the idea of fairness and equality in different sports. One of it is the issue of gender bias between women and men in televised sports. Specific example of this issue can be cited on the coverage of NCAA sports. Women’s sports and athletes in NCAA are often characterized as inferior sports over the men’s. This issue of gender bias can be cited with the way athlete women are presented by the sports commentators in television.

In most cases, sports commentators used inferior words to represent a women athlete like – girls, young ladies while men are not referred by boy or young boys rather men, young men and young fellow. (Fair) Also, commentators use to call women athlete with their first name only while the men where called with their name and full name. In sports, athletes called by their full name are an indication that they belong to the upper class society. With this, indication of issue in gender bias happens in sports.

In the point of view of women athlete, they must stand up to their right to be treated equally in television as an athlete just like any other men athlete. Women athlete can resolve this issue of gender bias through active campaign to promote more women oriented sports which will be televised on air like the other men sports. On the other hand sports television and sports commentators must be aware of their actions with the way they cover women oriented sports. They must practice fairness and equality on their selection of word to refer a women athlete.

By the adaptation of this solution on the point of view of the women athlete and television organization will definitely help resolve the conflict of gender bias in sports coverage. These solutions have the equal step to achieve the fairness in sports casting that will both benefit the women athlete and the commentators of television organization.


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