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Statement of the problem

Global warming is a current phenomenon which has raised much debate on its causes, potential effects and ways of controlling it and its effects. The condition is viewed as a naturally occurring as well as human-caused phenomenon. Whereas the greenhouse effect is necessary for maintaining habitable earth’s temperatures, the average global temperatures have been increasing unexpectedly. Statement of the problem Although average global temperatures are known to change over the years, the current unusual rise in global temperatures has resulted to global warming.

As much as it is acknowledged that the global warming phenomenon is occurring, its causes vary from natural to man-made factors. Global warming is bound to affect human existence especially due to resultant climatic changes. It therefore remains a challenge to human beings on how to prevent/reduce global warming and its subsequent effects. Purpose of the study In realization of the global warming challenge, this research seeks to describe the causes of global warming.

Specifically, the study will identify both natural and human factors leading to global warming. The study also seeks to find out the possible effects of global warming as well as possible solutions to the global warming menace. Research questions 1) In what ways have humans contributed to global warming? 2) How has nature led to global warming? 3) What are the possible effects resulting from climate change? 4) How can the global warming phenomenon be solved? Methodology

This will be a qualitative study that reviews primary and secondary materials thereby making conclusions on the causes, effects and solutions to global warming. Significance of the study This study sheds light on the controversial global warming topic. In essence, the study will help understand the real causes of global warming. At the same time, the study will also reveal the likely effects of global warming. From the understanding of the causes and effects of global warming, the study will provide possible solutions to the global warming phenomenon.

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