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Systematic framework

Within the roots of any systematic framework there is the methodological purpose and illustration of the methodological framework. While social and political theories on social change, economic incentives, and even psychological motivations offer a lot of theoretical guidance. Within the methodological framework provided by the planks of case-studies, there is more empirical knowledge to examine even if subjectivity is necessarily a component of it.

While case studies are certainly in many ways not free from error and can depend on the skill, training and abilities of the interviewer, the quality of transcription, and the acceptability of the interviewing medium. There are many aspects of the case study which can trace elements within a person’s life which can find some mirrors in other lives. Instead of noting that there seems to simply be some causality on both dimensions between two factors such as “school bullying” and “missing school.

” It may be furthermore useful to know what is propelling students on many levels to miss school and perhaps to note that fluctuations such as switching schools can have a major impact on the interpretation of stressful and even grossly traumatic events. That there are basic elements which can be seen to be paralleled in many events which abstract, general, and principled frameworks cannot cover but which the methodological sophistication of the grounding rules and elements of case-studies can.

That there are many areas in the merging areas which encompass a developing child’s life which can be factors for making school all the more challenging and that upon examination, more explanations which are far more complex and messy than the ‘throwaway’ explanations which fit all children and yet fit none, really. The causality and incrementally changing circumstances associated with well-received interventions may furthermore play a major role in preventing tragedies and incipient issues from developing to an absolute breaking point.

That especially with increased stress, worry, fear and deprivation in the lives of children. There should be increased attention paid to what people who are impacted, harmed, and purportedly helped are saying. That in such situations it can be all the more necessary to listen closely and avoid annihilating all ambiguity in some perfect quest for truth. That as the framework of my paper is based on facts from a more general and macroeconomic point of view, such as statistics which are verifiable on a more variable and compounded level.

To facts which are stated by a subjective person who is nevertheless the ‘object,’ ‘the person who objectively is giving the statements. ‘ A framework of accumulating and incorporating the data which I can research which is shelved and ordered along the biographical and time-relevant chronology of case-studies is extremely helpful for organizing and relating the information for greater relevance and perspective so that a more dimensional understanding can be perhaps received.

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