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Terrorist Attacks

Terrorism has been considered to be one of the greatest fears of every individual in the world. This is due to the idea of the increasing number of terrorist attacks in the past few years due to which there have been several injuries and casualties. All these acts have been condemned and governments are working with one another to eliminate the problem of terrorism. The most commonly used terrorist attack methodology that has been used for more than twenty years is that of suicide bombing or just the idea of planting a bomb somewhere that would then blast off at a specified time.

This kind of act has occurred in several places such as Lebanon, Pakistan, Greece and even Germany. The act of suicide bombing or generally bombing is considered to be the most famous amongst terrorists because perhaps they find security in such techniques for not being caught in the act. This suicide bombing would just involve a person willing to give his life for killing more than a dozen other people by bombing himself and the location where the bomb will go off.

The suicide bombing culprit cannot be caught that easily in public because there is a fair chance that the common man would just consider the get up to be hefty where as inside his / her clothes could the clock ticking for their lives to end once the bomb goes off. This could also allow the bombers to understand that the lives of others are not important as compared to the proving of the strength of their religion and their hatred towards other religions.

The most dangerous and life threatening approach is that of hijacking a plane or any other transportation and then using it as a methodology for killing people. There has been a high death toll for such an approach ever since after September 11. There is a fair chance that the terrorists may have access to nuclear weapons if there are other countries involved with them. In such a case, there could be a possibility of increasing violence in the world over the next few years.


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