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The 5X5 method

The article I read on building muscle strength is by Stronglifts. com published on their Web site http://stronglifts. com/strength-training-key-to-building-muscle-losing-fat/. The introductory pages of the article describe what strength training is, the benefits of strength training, how to build strength and different types of strength training. Stronglifts. com lists three types of strength training: weight lifting, body-weight training and machine training. For the purposes of this paper weight lifting will be the mode of strength training used to gain muscle strength. Stronglifts.

com defines weight lifting as exercising with barbells as the easiest method to build strength. Stronglifts. com recommends their Stronglifts 5X5 Beginner Strength Training Program as an ideal program for someone just starting out with weight training aiming to gain both muscular mass and body strength. The 5X5 method of weight training essentially involves doing five sets of five repetitions for each of three main power lifts, the squat, bench press and overhead press. The philosophy behind the 5X5 system is that you can lift faster and more weight using five repetitions than say eight or more repetitions.

Stonglifts claims that lifting faster recruits more muscle fibers and lets you use heavier weights that stress your body more and thus results in building more muscle. Stronglifts advocates what is called progressive loading. This means that you systematically add weight to each exercise to force your muscles to work harder. The harder you work your muscles the more they will adapt to the added stress by building larger muscle fibers and becoming stronger to handle the increased Muscular Strength Page 2 loads.

The other major aspect of 5X5 strength weight training is that you employ what are called compound exercises that work more that one muscle group at a time. Examples of compound exercises are squats, bench presses and dead lifts. By limiting your workout to major compound exercises you keep your workouts brief but very intense. This is important for muscle strength building because most training regimes last longer and cause you to over train your muscle. Over training will have the exact opposite affect of building strength because you will over stress your muscles and not give them adequate time to recover before your next training session.

The equipment required to do the 5X5 strength training program is limited to a power rack, Olympic barbell and barbell plates and a bench press. This equipment can be found in almost all commercial gyms or it can be purchased for home use ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. The 5X5 strength training program is composed of two different workouts: Workout A Workout B Squat 5X5 Squat 5X5 Bench Press 5X5 Overhead Press 5X5 Inverted Rows 3XF Dead Lift 1X5 Push-ups 3XF Pull Ups or Chin Ups 3XF Reverse Crunch 3X12 Prone Bridges 3X30sec

Muscular Strength Page 3 The F for repetitions means you do the set to failure. You alternate workouts A and B using a Mo/We/Fr or Tu/Th/Su or Sa/Tu/Th schedules. You always take a 48 hours rest between two workouts. I personally like the Stronglifts 5X5 strength building program. From personal experience I know that employing major compound exercises like the squat and bench press are best for building overall body strength. The workouts are simple and would take no more than an hour to complete.

This would keep the workouts from getting stale and save a lot time spent in the gym. This is a workout that I feel that I could consistently use and gain tremendous benefits from. By only lifting weights three days a week I could use the other days to do some type of aerobic exercising to keep my cardiovascular system in good condition. These workouts combined with a proper diet would provide substantial health benefits and help me build my strength to new levels. Reference: http://stronglifts. com/strength-training-key-to-building-muscle-losing-fat/

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