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The Arab- Israel conflict

What should be done to contain the Arab- Israel conflict? This is a conflict that emerged immediately after the Second World War ended in 1945. The Israeli fought on the side of the allied forces and especially to support Britain on condition that after the war they would help them to resettle in an independent state free from conflicts but this never came to be. ‘After the war Britain under United Nations mandate divided Palestine into two states that is Arab Palestine and israel-Palestine but the Arabs were not contented with this and immediately they organized a number of attacks in reaction.

’ (Gilbert M. 1975) This conflict is one of the most long lasting in the history of conflicts and up to date it is still not resolved. Various peace treaties have been signed to resolve the stalemate but little success is made centrally to the expectations. In this research paper, the israel-Palestine conflict will be analyzed and discussed in depth the proposed solutions to the problem will also be unveiled. The Arab-Israel conflict or what is commonly known, as the Israel-Palestine conflict is a tug of war that is fought between the state of Israel and that of Palestine.

The two have different religions, as Jews inhabit Israel while Muslims occupy Palestine. During the war the Jews faced a very harsh treatment in Europe and especially those who were in the eastern part as Hitler killed them indiscriminately. They had migrated from their motherland Israel to go and look for greener pastures in terms of agriculture and trade but in Europe the situation worsened, as they were disrespected. For example Hitler who strongly held the principle of anti Semitism openly ordered for the slaughter of millions of them claiming they were helping the allied force to conquer Germany.

In fact about six million Jews lost their life in Germany and its newly conquered territories. Those who survived the war pleaded to the United Nations for resettlement in their motherland, which they believed, was Palestine. They claimed that they had their birthright to occupy this region. (Geddes C. L. 1991) The conflict is actually over land and the most contested piece of land is the Gaza strip and the west bank. Israel has been accused of extending its borders to areas that it was not supposed to be such as the above two mentioned territories.

There have been various solutions that have proposed to put to an end this never-ending conflict. Many have proposed creation of two states with a very clear border division while others have been proposing for dual ownership of the territories in question but Palestine’s do not agree to this proposal, as they strongly believe that those zones are legally theirs. The Arab nations that were against the creation of the state of Israel that are against the creation of Israel, these are nations such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan other forms of assistance.

‘The issue of this conflict was also part of the cold war struggle that was fought between by United States of America and the Soviet Union where by the US provided Israel with war materials while the USSR supported the Arab’s side. ’ (Shapira, A. 1992) This caused more divisions between the two nations than unity. This conflict has been of concern to many international powers that have been trying to help the Israeli and the Arabs reach to a solution. For an effective solution to be reached, all the underlying root causes of the problem must be properly discussed for them to be resolved once and for all.

Some of these problems are land, military presence in areas that each nation considers as their own, the issue of government and their relationship with the terrorist group, airspace, incitements between these two states and disagreement has been the major stumbling block to the peace process. Both states claim ownership of this region and none is willing to let it go. Israel opposes any move to have it divided between them while the Palestinians claim that this area was not part of Israel prior to the 1767’s peace process. Over seven hundred members are Palestinians while the Arabs comprise of over four hundred thousands.

The key organs of the Israel government including the Knesset and the Supreme Court are located in this region since Israel’s inception. Under the 2000-2001 peace process at Camp David summit, it was proposed that Jerusalem would be separated between the two conflicting stares. The Arab states were to be given to the Palestine while the Jews influential areas were to be given to the Palestine but some parts such as the temple mount that held proposal was indeed accepted by the two governments but the summit failed to proceed up to the end and as thus it was declared as null and void.

Both powers have been eying each other with utmost suspicion for example the Jews have been concerned over the way the Palestinians were treating their holy places when Jerusalem city and especially when this city was under the control of the Jordanian authority, Jews were not allowed to go to the western wall and some other places. Again there was a time when the Palestinian demonstrators descended on Joseph’s tomb and destroyed all that was there. (Karsh E. 2002) The properties of great value to both Muslim and the Jews were destroyed by the rowdy youth who did not care at all.

Everything was either looted or burned. According to the Israelis, all that the Palestinians care about is the Christian holy places as well as theirs but they have no concern over the Jew’s properties. For this mayhem to be resolved, what should be done is that both parties should agree to sit round a table and come their viable proposals that would help in ending this conflict. In conflict resolution, the policy or the principle that should be embraced by the two conflicting parties is that of give and take or win-win principle as opposed to win-lose principle. That is the only time that a solution can be reached.

The Israel should be really leave behind what is in the Palestinian land and the same should apply to the Palestinians but that which is of mutual importance should be jointly owned. In this case, no side would feel betrayed or used and they would live together. Conflict is not always negative as sometimes it leads to the signing of many treaties that are of mutual benefit but when the parties fail to honor the terms, then conflict reigns. The game of counter accusation should come to an end if they want the peace to prevail. There was also another peace seeking process known as the also peace process.

This was held in 1993 between the Palestinian authorities represented by Palestine liberation organization (PLO) the Israel officials who were represented by Yitzhak Rabin. In this process Arafat himself spearheaded the Palestinian side. It is in this conference that Arafat officially recognized the existence of the state of Israel. It was agreed that Israel would stop controlling parts that were regarded as belonging to the Palestinians and this was the major breakthrough in this peace process. This accord did not wait to see its end as the Israel representative who was the main peace broker was killed before everything was settled.

The Palestinian authority also failed to agree with Israel representatives. It was claimed that Barrack refused to validate the document and yet Arafat had already signed the document but the actual quagmire lay over the issue of Jerusalem. So no mater how good the outcome might have appeared, the question of piece was far from being solved. If any conflict resolution is to be successful, then the two parties should play their cards well. Card should be placed on the table but not close to the chest or in other words they should be open and direct to the topic in question like in the case of Oslo peace accord.

The two discussed over the current issues but failed to address the long lasting problem. Both the two sides have tried to include some mediators so as to come to a mutual understanding and these are nations such as the United Nations. President Bush has shown his interest in resolving the quagmire that has existed from 1945 up to date. Even the Arabs are not left behind. At least they have also shown some contribution towards peace brokerage According to the peace proposal that was publicized in 28th day of March 2002.

This was a document that was prepared by Saudi native called Abdullah. Many assented to its application and especially the Fatan and Hamas members unlike in the other peace processes. Unlike to the road map to peace this document had even the future state of issues that affected them. It proposed that the United Nation’s borders that were created before the Six-Day War should be used. The Israelis were to vacate from the regions that belonged to the Palestinians –such as the Golan Heights, west strip and the Gaza strip.

However fit the document appeared, it was opposed by Israel from the first time it was proposed for it appeared to lean on the Arab’s side. Another thing that has added fuel to the fire is the issue of Palestinian refugees. Palestinians in all their peace-seeking dialogues never fail to raise the issue of their refugees who were displaced from the territory that came to be known as Israel. They say that the plight of Palestinian refugees was one of the causes of the conflict and as such, it should not be down played.

However, the issue of refugees has led to the rise of blame game or hat is seen as counter accusation. The Israelis in defending their position hold that the Arabs were complicating this issue states especially Jordan that denied registering those refugees as full citizens so as they would compete well like others from various regions. It has been argued that any nation that accepts to take the plight of the refugees in their hearts should be able to assimilate them, as it was the case with the Arab states that gave Jewish refugees some shelter and fully assimilated them in their own country.

‘Although Israel somehow agrees that the Palestinian refugees who were displaced would be allowed to go back to their original places, there presence would compromise the existence of the state of Israel. ’ (Gold, D. 2007) Most Palestinians that are refugees in Israel are unfairly treated and they rely on the aid that they are given by the United Nations and other charities. Another issue that that needs to be addressed is on the issue of borders. In the past times, Israel insisted that it was to be control of the Arabs borders a thing that was vehemently refused.

The issue of putting hence under siege also needs to be addressed the government has besieged the Gaza city thus cutting fuel, electricity food, health education and other basis necessities. This was a deliberate move by Israelites that was taken against the Palestinian who were not respecting the war law. This action was decided by the high court of Israel. What provoked this step was that Palestinians murdered one Israeli while delivering fuel to the Gaza strip. This so-called collective punishment is not a move that is new to the Palestinians as the British had also used it in the past especially when the Arabs disobeyed the colonialists.

This issue should be discussed by all the concerned parties because if it is not logical to punish the whole community just because one-person was killed. You cannot mobilize the population of the whole community to do certain action. Palestinians should stop attacking Israeli so that peace could prevail. The Palestinian government has also been blamed for supporting the Palestinians extremists through its relationship with Hamas as well as other Islamic as israel insist it should be in control over the air above West Bank and Gaza Strip while Palestine insist that they should both be in control.

This issue should quickly be resolved to avoid death of innocent citizens. Those areas in fact should be free zones that are not owned by any nation. The initial boundaries that were created by the United Nations should be remarked to end this war. If this is not possible, then people should be allowed to live without being bothered wherever they are and some important areas be jointly owned and controlled. (Morris, B. 2001) Countries with people who practice different cultures are more stable than those that are homogeneous over power and a good example of integration of cultures is of Canada.

The israel-Palestine stalemate is yet to be resolved if both parties cannot manage to come together and discuss those issues that are affecting them. Palestine should recognize the existence of state of Israel and should also happen to Israel. Agreement are reached on mutual understanding but not through use of force and that is why the principle of end this conflict and deeply seated root causes be addressed, birth countries would have a lot to gain than to lose as no more property destruction and no loss of human resource would go on.

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