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The Australian Standard

The AS8015:2005 is the Australian Standard for Governance of ICT. This is a method being used by corporations and organizations to implement and control the ICT governance. It involves planning , formulation of policies, measurement, assessment, leadership, and guidance on how the technology will be used. (Toomey, 2006a, p. 5 ) ; (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online);(Standard Australia ,2005, p. 8-12) This process has its importance due to the perceived efficiency, results and concepts of globalization and ICT for governance.

The task for this process will include having the appropriate staff, the correct strategy, the needed problem solution, the correct implementations plan and the desired feedback. This system will soon be upgraded into an ISO standard. (Toomey, 2006a, p. 5);(AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online) The AS8015:2005 system of IT governance has 6 basic points. These are ability to understand and own the roles for the ICT; Strategy for the ICT; Acceptable acquisition of the ICT; Efficiency in the ICT functions ; following the set rules and regulation and finally, the system must have consideration for human aspects.

(Toomey, 2006, p. 6); (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online); (Rankins, 2006, p. 1-5) Part 1: Introduction of Institute of Technology Australia (IOTA). The Institute of Technology Australia (IOTA) is a virtual tertiary institution that offers undergraduate and Graduate studies to students World wide. Its current student population is over 10,000. Due to the upcoming work and family responsibilities, online education has earned its place as a concept that allow people to learn and work at great convenience. This strategy also makes learning very cheap as compared to campus residential strategies.

(IOTA, 2008, Online ); (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online) IOTA has a structure of online student, local ( country) unit facilitators, online facilitators, student administration, strategy implementation, IT, management, examination board and overall senior management. They as positioned as education service providers from an online platform. They are based in Australia and the organization is under share holding. (IOTA, 2008, Online ); (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online) In order to be able to manage all these students all over the world at different time zones, the institution has been putting an online communication and study network.

This network is an Intranet that is positioned as moodle software. (IOTA, 2008, Online ); (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online);( Bovee & Ruwaard, 2005, Online). Part 2: Principle 2. 1. 1- Establish clearly understood responsibilities for the ICT Management Implications The responsibilities for moodle at IOTA are planning and operations platform that allows student to plan semester units, complete weekly focus tasks, download study material after subjects have been activated, share task knowledge with peers across the world, communicate with the facilitators and upload assignment.

The local facilitator have also got access for monitoring students progress and for liaison with the online facilitators. This platform has got automated alerts to students who are late on their assignment submission with the specific administration policies. The management will take responsibility of prototyping, launching and maintaining the whole network. (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online) Organisation Issues The IOTA, who are the system administrators, will need to assign every person who is using the moodle network a user name and a pass word for organizational access.

All students who have graduated will have to be disabled from the network to minimize abuse of the system as they seize to have any further responsibilities. The IOTA management, by use of a mission and vision statement will clarify the specific responsibility and purpose of the whole moodle network strategy. The whole organization must understand what they will benefit by the use of this ICT network from a virtual collaboration point of view. (IOTA, 2008, Online );(AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online) Technology Aspects

The IOTA will lead in the training and induction of the moodle network to ensure that it can be used by the respective collaborators. There will be a trial phase to see if there are part that need finer programming and software prototyping. Basic computer knowledge will be sufficient on the users side as the rest of the sites will be linked in the simplest manner. All users must accept to use this network right from the time they decide to join this course as students, facilitators or administrators. (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online) Part 3: Principle 2. 1. 2- Plan ICT to best support the organization Management Implications

This IT network will support the IOTA fraternity by offering great communication efficiency and convenience. Everybody will be able to gain from the IT experience and the resultant knowledge collaboration. This network is a self managing tool that starts from the point a student if enrolled to the institution. The are all given login names and passwords that allow them to access online resources for downloads and upload sites. The specific units sites are only activated once fees have been paid for a specific unit. The implication is that if one does not pay then they are not bona fide students for that semester unit.

(Rozemeijer, 200 , p. 19 ) ;(AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online); (IOTA, 2008, Online) Organisation Issues The moodle allows the various stake holder to link up in the network. The academic domains can be linked up with the time tabling domains and the accounts domain. When students have paid fees for a unit, they specify which semester they would like to join so that the timetable domain can specify which unit facilitations will be available that semester. Eventually, all these are linked up in the student transcript history as the last output of the corporate plan. (Rozemeijer, 200 , p. 19 ); (AS 8015-2005, 2005, Online)

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