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The Digger Papers

The main goal of the Diggers is to create a society based on the lifestyle of the hippies; advocates non-materialism, promotes cooperation, and provides free services. The Diggers wanted everything to be free—free healthcare, housing, food, legal assistance, and even entertainment. “Free families in free cities” is their goal summed up into one sentence. These cities would then be run by free families that have specific tasks in society. Families would be assigned to food, transportation, money, housing, etc.

The main value of the Diggers is a no nonsense attitude; nothing would be wasted, and everything would have its use. “Every brother should have what he needs to do his thing. ” — is the mantra and motto of the Diggers, an almost absolute freedom, the freedom to acquire everything at the price of nothing. Citizens would be provided with everything they need or want that promotes their freedom. This concept of freedom is rather rhetoric; it is very idealistic for the Diggers to think of freedom in this way.

Freedom to them means free stuff and services, a farfetched idea in the real world. The word free, as the Diggers view it, means precisely what the word means in different connotations: Free as in they are able to do whatever they want, and free that means goods and services in exchange for nothing. Though this maybe a very desirable world to live in, it is highly unlikely that this kind of thought would be accepted by the civilized world.

The only duty of women mentioned in the Digger Papers is that they would sew dresses, make pants to order, re-cut garments to fit—basically related to garment production and repair. Everything else has not been mentioned with gender specific words, but we are left to assume that the remaining tasks would be left out to men or brothers, men that are hippies.


The Digger Papers pp. 316-322.

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