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The Eraserheads Set to Perform

International rock sensation, The Eraserheads, will perform in the United States for the first time on May 1, 2009, a Friday, at 8m. The said concert would be held at the Qualcomm Stadium, in San Diego. The Concert would highlight and chronicle the music of the band that has caught the attention of people worldwide. The Eraserheads band started in the Philippines in 1997 as a local band. However, their single, “Fruitcake” gained wide appreciation from the nearby Asian countries, making the band rise to fame.

From then on, they have continued to make a hit that pleases any generation. In 2000, they received their first international award, which also helped them to go on and conquer the world. They embarked on an Asian tour in 2002, which was attended by millions of fans. Soon after, they had two sets of European tours in 2004 and 2006, while working on international albums. They have made 8 albums in the past 10 years, all of which have reached worldwide success.

San Diego would be the first stop of this 15-state U. S. tour that was scheduled to last for 3 months. There would be three nights for The Eraserheads concert, all of which would have world renowned guests. The first night would have The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus as their guests, while the second night would have American Idol’s Taylor Swift and Kings of Leaon as guest performers. The third night, however, would be star studded, with Fall Out Boy and David Cook as guests. All three concerts would be hosted by world renowned PR man, Ryan Seacrest.

The said concert would also mark the debut of the British singer, Charlie Green, into the American music scene. The Eraserheads is also known to be one of the most humble bands in the world. They attribute their success to the numerous people they have helped through the years. So far, most of the front acts in The Eraserheads concerts have become successful artists in the field of music. Some have moved forward to gain world renowned success and became icons of music. Tickets are now on sale at the Qualcomm Stadium or through the Ticketmaster website.

Ticket prices are at $40, $60$ 80, $120 and $200 for VIP. All are subject to applicable taxes and availability. A certain percentage of the total sales of all their concerts in the United States would benefit four charitable institutions, one of which is the Hurricane Katrina foundation. For more information, you may contact Jive Records at (012) 345-6789 or (012) 987-6543 or visit our website at [email protected] com. Contact Information: Event Works, Incorporated. 1234 5 West End Ave. , San Diego, California (987) 654-3210 [email protected] com.

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