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The history of America

The history of America did not end with The Revolution, but so many events followed and these events kept the history going to this day. The element of American nationalism and democracy were strongly founded in the revolution and other subsequent events after the revolution. The revolution, the civil war and industrialization were to be remembered many years later expressing the heroic deeds of the founding fathers of the nation. These events were depended of one another in this order. Then the American Civil War came.

The American Civil War is one a war that will be remembered throughout the history of the United States of American due to what caused it, its progress and the fruits gained at the end. True social forces transformed the American society in the years between 1760 and 1820, the change from a monarchial, deferential and static society to a liberal, democratic and commercial one. It was a revolution of the mind, in which the concept of equality, democracy and private interests were grasped by hundreds of thousands of Americans, transformed a country nearly overnight. The American Revolution started in the year 1775.

The war had been accelerated by indifferences of commerce or trade and traditions between the British and America. The revolution was based on the mission that all men were created equal to enjoy liberty, life and happiness. This is the message that had the radicalism for change and the eventual bloody civil war. The revolution made thirteen states win independence from the Great Britain which also came to be known as The American War of Independence. People had been divided into two strong opposing camps, one group supporting the war and the other against the war.

Those who were against the war were British loyalists. The loyalists were farmers and large land owners who had smelt loosing the cheap labor of the slaves. Those who were against were the slaves and independent minded men and women who had run away from persecution in Europe. Then the civil followed which agitated for freedom and unity for all. The American Revolution or the independence war came to an end in the year 1783. Up to date the American people have based their liberty and democracy in the revolution. This civil war started in 1861.

Due to the vast tracks of land many Americans were not staying closer to each other and therefore social structures were not functioning. As the rail network extended to the westward, northwards and southwards, travel became easier and the separation of the Americans was limited. Due to the available transport, other facilities started growing including publications of newspapers. Thereafter, there was discomfort as change was imminent and there were some elements that were against the expansion. As people began staying closer to each other, mistrust began.

Due to the signing of 1850 Compromise whereby the debate was raging over total respect for all human beings and stoppage of slavery, people within each state were getting divided because of the issue of slavery as some were supporting the northern side and others the southern part of the US. After the end of that bloody civil war many slaves were free in all aspects, some moved freely from one place to another, some went to school and others started owning homes. The emancipation totally changed the lives of slaves and their masters because the masters were forced to respect their slaves who were no longer slaves.

During the civil war men played a greater role of fighting even though many lost lives their victories in the war proved them right in their endeavors to get freedom. Women were not left behind as many of them supported their families while their husbands and their sons joined the war. From early 1800s many immigrants were from Europe more especially from England and France. Many of the immigrants were following the foot steps of their ancestors who had early run away from these countries because of persecution which had taken place.

Many came to the United States after wars of revolutions like the French Revolution. The immigrants landed in the east coast of the United States. As the population soared in the East coast many opted to move to the central and westwards of the US. For instance, as many moved towards the central of the US they faced many challenges and some resistance from the indigenous Indian communities who were fighting for their land. Thousands of the immigrants settled in the unoccupied Appalachian highlands which were very fertile for farming activities.

Within this period the civil war broke out and it disrupted the immigration patterns even though many people had already settled in many lands apart from the west coast. “Out of war nations acquire additional territory if they are vicious and unfortunately the new land is exploited by a few” notes (Butler 2003). The migration to the west was to decongest the east side of America, some wanted to adventure, some moved to look for larger lands for farming. Industrialization and the railway network greatly influence movement to the west to find jobs. Andrew Jackson was elected President of The United States of America in the year 1832.

This is the time when the migration to the west of the United States was at its but with great resistance form the Red Indians fighting viciously to secure their land. President Andrew Jackson signed an act that facilitated for the Indians to be moved from their ancestral lands including Mississippi. The president devoted most his time to talk about the policy that meant remove the Indians out of the way because by then commerce and industry were growing. The president said, (Daniel 1990) “Our conduct toward these people is deeply interesting in our national character.

The service was incredible to the troops who engaged in the service. ” The impact of President Andrew Jackson was as devastating to the Indian culture as many were killed by the soldiers, some were dispersed and others were relocated from their ancestral homes”. The industrialization and the movement to the west continued despite small packets of resistance from the few Indians. Conclusion The events of the revolution have been long remembered and commemorated through a series of celebrations by fellow countrymen and women. If it were not the revolution, the civil war could not be fought.

And after the wars Americans wanted to gain from the freedom. Then from that quest, industrialization stated and it spread from the east coast to the Wild West and eventually the west coast. “Democracy was fought for, must be preserved and it turn make the world safe for democracy” notes, (Bernays 2004) (1,111 words)

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