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The hurdles occurring in the path of a graduate.

Graduating is a challengeable task. It has several hurdles and planning is needed to over come all the hurdles occurring in the path of a graduate. The level graduate is a high position where a person has to reach in order to find a respectable job in a reputable institution or place. Graduation is the basic requirement of any job vacancy in any commerce institution or and engineering company. The basic qualification is not gained easily. The students who opt for this education require to devote their complete time for studies and then they can expect for appositive result.

There are many types of problems faced by the students who are graduating. Majority face the problem of time management and planning their time for their studies. The schedule work frame is not implemented by many due to the heavy and busy schedule of other responsibilities and people. The students find it difficult to study so much in the limited time they get. Each topic requires so much of explanation and research and thus this cost a lot of time. The libraries are always packed and the atmosphere is not willing for the studies.

This makes a lot of wastage of time and the mood is spoilt for studying. the basics which require very in depth explanation requires a smooth and a pleasant atmosphere where a person can calmly read and understand the points, its causes, its solutions and many more queries rise up in the mind which can be challenged up and can be tried to solved by going in the depth of the topic. Then after time management and the place location the next problem which arises is the level of the written assignment which is to be presented to the professors.

The required standard is sometime very high for the students to achieve and therefore the problem of low or poor standard comes in the graduation level. This causes the students to either fail in those subjects or sometimes they have to repeat the whole session again just for a few mistakes. The references if not given properly make the student to repeat the paper completely. The level of the English used in the paper and the grammar implemented creates a level of a student and an impression of the student in front of a professor.

The students who are in the process of graduating know how important the projects are for them, and how and when should they be submitted. The time and the days are very important in this education. Then the third major problem which arises when a student is graduating is the submission of the projects on time. Every class has different timings so major part of the day is utilized in taking the classes and then the left over with the research work which helps in the understanding of the topics discussed in the class for more reinforcement for the concepts.

The concept building requires time and lengthy explanation too. Then the load of assignment makes a person very busy and much utilized. The students sit in the libraries are packed and the books are utilized. The work load makes a person furious and becomes in a tension state where the deadlines are to be met and the material is not yet ready with the student. The deadlines of each class are different therefore they are to be remembered and then implemented. Late submission decreases the impression of the student and marks as well.

This problem eventually arises among the students who are graduating and this has to be overcome (Bhan, 2009). These problems are to be overcome for best results and for the sake of the students these problems should be resolved so that the students become relaxed and relieved to pass and graduate with the peace of mind. The students can adopt several strategies to resolve these problems and require the knowledge they require. These strategies could be like time planning. The students must be enabled enough to prepare a time planning chart for themselves and try to implement it properly without wasting time and their efforts.

The students of graduating should apply the strategy of grooming in such a manner that they can be able to study in every type of atmosphere. The person studying should be adjustable and should have the devotion toward studies. The person can also make a special place or room for himself for studying in privacy for avoiding all types of noises and pollution. Group of friends study is also a good option for the research work. Many people working on one thing make it more valuable and interesting.

The concepts become stronger and the queries are discussed, the problems are solved and the person gets to know different quotes from different references and books used up by others. This work is a bit hard that the student has to stick to a proper schedule and work but it is not inevitable. This strategy is not impossible (desJardins, 2004). The next challenge can be accomplished by using a different version of language. The standard of language can be raised by using different dictionaries. The student is eligible of raising his standards and they can achieve to the level easily.

Books written by reputed authors should be consulted in order to refrain from any type of errors and mistakes. The person should be responsible enough to use good grammar and try his level best to avoid from such silly mistakes. The student should be very careful in giving the references as this is very important in the level of graduating. These are some small amendments which can be made to make the paper or the assignment very effective and very attractive. A good example is created in front of the class and the reputation increases.

The third challenge is related with the first one. It also requires time management. Though the reasons for the time management are totally different but to give the assignment on time requires a lot of time management. The students should effectively plan what to do first and what not to do. This is will avoid the wastage of time. The deadlines should be noted in a safe place so that they are seen and the student remembers them (Young, 1998). This will enable the student to show the sense of responsibility and this is extremely important in the level of graduation.

These are some of the major challenges met by the graduating students and some ways of solving it. there would be many problems and many ways as it depends on the person and his nature and thinking. Works Cited Bhan, N. (2009). Assessing a Competitive Application for Graduate Studies. Core77 , 1. desJardins, M. (2004). How to Succeed in Graduate School: A Guide for Students and Advisors. CrossRoads: The ACM Student Magazine , Part I. Young, J. R. (1998). Requiring Theses in Digital Form: the First Year at Virginia Tech . The Chronicle of Higher Education , 1.

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